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  October 20, 2016
Blue Topaz gemstone

Pure topaz is colourless or white, since it is made of aluminium silicate, along with hydroxide and fluoride (water) ions. Pegmatite and granite deposits are the best sources of this gemstone. It is indeed rare to find a blue coloured, semi-precious gemstone in nature.  Jewellers create the sparkling blue effect via specific treatments. The colour blue is often associated with wisdom, stability, truthfulness, confidence and tranquillity.

Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Japan, China, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Namibia and Zimbabwe are common sources of raw Blue Topaz. UK and Ireland produce light-blue varieties.
This gemstone has been awarded honourable mention in Hebrew texts and the Bible. The name, Topaz, has probably originated from “tapas” (fire or heat), a Sanskrit word. Alternatively, it may have originated from the Greek ‘Topazion’.

Whom does Blue Topaz Favour?

If you are a Sagittarian born in the month of December, do not hesitate to buy Blue Topaz online. You are a fire sign, which loves all shades of purple and blue. It is specifically favourable towards writers, salespersons, businesspersons and travellers. This gemstone enhances self-expression (verbal and written) and manner of communication by unlocking your throat chakra (vishuddha chakra). It also serves to balance and strengthen your thyroid gland. Since the Topaz is governed by Jupiter, the biggest planet, you may definitely expect grandeur and greatness in your life.

Purifying the Blue Topaz

Your gemstone should weigh at least three carats, or beyond. The best online place to order on The stone is embedded onto a gold ring.  Ensure that it is dipped in a mixture of milk, pure water and honey for some time, prior to wearing it. Alternatively, you may opt for Gangajal. The ring is to be worn on the index finger of your right hand at dawn, on Thursday.

Whenever you wish to clean it, keep the gemstone dipped in pure water overnight. The next day, use a soft brush over it.

Recognising the Blue Topaz

The gemstone goes up to an eight on the hardness scale. Observe that the colour is a lustrous, shimmering blue. Irradiation is responsible for producing diverse shades of blue. The hues decide the value of the stone. It is easy to cleave or cut. If the handling has been less than skilful, you should be able to see internal cracks or splits.
Receiving the Advantages offered by this gemstone

Order the Blue Topaz, if you desire to improve your vision, digestion and metabolism, insomnia and blood circulation. You will be able to get rid of excessive weight as well as mental issues caused by stress. No longer will you remain obsessed with sex. In fact, you will remain faithful and honest in all your relationships.

Despite scaling great heights via supreme motivation, you will remain modest in both, thought and action. Furthermore, you will never succumb to greed. Above all, you will never meet with accidents or face life-threatening circumstances.

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