Mystical powers of Pearl Stone

  November 15, 2016
Natural Moti (pearl) gemstone

When you look at the bright and glittering moon, high up in the sky, what thoughts flow through your mind? Do you wonder what mysteries are hidden beneath its cold surface? Well, it is the same with the lustrous pearl. When you look at this organic gemstone obtained from the deepest parts of the oceans and seas, you wonder about the mystical powers associated with it.

Why is the Pearl so fascinating?

This simple-looking gemstone has been viewed with awe and admiration since Ancient Times. If tribes across the Americas loved to display Pearl jewellery on their persons as part of their unique cultures, noble Romans favoured beautifully crafted items that befitted their status and positions in society. Even the Spaniards purchased expensive gemstones to offer as gifts to their special friends. However, the Pearl generally nestled in a rich man’s safe rather than in a poor man’s purse. However, the trend has changed today. Regardless of background or income, all are welcome to buy these precious stones.

Now, the scientific and astrological fraternities agree that the human mindset is largely influenced by the moon. This is evident by the fact that human emotions become heightened on full moon nights. Going a step further, Vedic astrology claims that the Moon is one of the planets in the astrological Solar System. This planet governs the shining Pearl. Bearing this in mind, the astrologer checking your birth chart, will watch out for the Moon’s positioning in it. It is considered inauspicious to have the planet Moon residing the 6th, 8th or 12th house of your horoscope. The natural Pearl gemstone is a marvellous remedy for bringing back stability into your disturbed life.

What are the advantages of befriending the Pearl gemstone?

If you have been advised by your astrologer to purchase a gemstone weighing anywhere between five and 10 carats, visit a genuine dealer like to buy pearl gemstone online. Your precious stone must be placed on an open-backed silver ring. The stone must touch your skin always. After completing the purification process as dictated by the astrologer, place the ring on the little finger of your right hand. You will be given a date and time to wear it.

You will become aware of the remedial effects, when you observe that all your bodily fluids continue to remain disease-free, clean and pure. Even if you are linked to a business dealing with water or fluids, you need fear no adverse effects from the malefic Moon. It is as if both, the internal and external selves are receiving a splendid spiritual cleansing.

Then again, you will be relieved to see your relationships improve. This is because you find peace within yourself. Naturally, this inner peace expands to include others outside you. As your mind grows in strength and confidence, you will no longer feel the need to be arrogant and aggressive. Instead, you will strive to be pure, humble, loyal and faithful.

Thus, even today, the Pearl continues to be revered as one of Nature’s nine precious gemstones.

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