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  September 28, 2017

If the sparkling Ruby is renowned as the King of Gemstones, the iridescent Opal is admired as the Queen of Precious Stones. This is because its beauty is truly amazing to behold! Right from Ancient Times, people from all backgrounds, including royal persona have coveted ownership.

Why is the Opal so popular?

The gemstone is not coveted simply because of its beauty. It is desired for its spiritual benefits too. For instance, any reputed Vedic astrologer will tell you that it works like a good luck charm. Should you befriend it, you will discover how romantic, graceful, charismatic, etc, you can actually be!

The gemstone has the power to drive away the influences caused by evil forces or nightmares. As a result, your peace of mind will be restored. Naturally, you are bound to shine in both, your personal and professional lives. In case, you are involved with the performing arts, the media or your own business, all your hidden spontaneity and creativity will come to the fore.

With regard to health, bodily imbalance and healing of neural disorders are taken care of by the white Opal. If you are suffering from blood disorders, lethargy or depression, go for the Mexican Opal. This gemstone can reduce the pain experienced during delivery, if you are a heading towards the last stages of your pregnancy. In case, you are a male and suffering from erectile dysfunction or other reproductive disorders, the black Opal can offer a miraculous cure.

How can you recognise a genuine Opal?

There are many online stores offering gemstones for sale, even at discounted prices. However, if you desire to purchase an authentic and certified stone, do visit This establishment sells natural and good quality Opals only. The majority of them are imported from Australian mines. Some come from Turkey, USA, Hungary, Brazil, Indonesia and Slovakia.

You will be able to recognise the authenticity of your purchase by examining the colour of the gemstone. No two natural Opals are exactly alike, but their hues are splendidly pure in nature. Since expert gemmologists do not use heat or chemical treatments to enhance the gemstone’s dazzle, it retains its superb clarity. When you hold the precious stone in your hand, you will comprehend that the Opal is quite delicate. This is because water is present in the soft and non-crystalline gemstone, in the form of hydrous silicon dioxide. Finally, just hold up the Opal against brilliant light. It reveals a glorious play of colours, since it is able to both, reflect and refract light rays. The inner depths of the gemstone comprise of tiny spheres, which come together to form a three-dimensional meshwork/network. Thus, the Opal stone displays opalescence.

To ensure that your precious stone survives for a long time, keep it away from extremely hot/dry areas. Remove it while performing vigorous actions, for it is not scratch-resistant. Above all, do not expose it to sudden changes in temperature, for the stone will lose its water and begin to appear aged.

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