Opal Gemstone - Traditional Birthstone Who Born in October

  February 5, 2018

Gemstones are worn to get rid of the many ill effects on the body and also to enjoy some benefits. People born in different months will be suggested to wear different stones. You will have to get in touch with an astrologer to know about the right stone that you should wear and you a Gemologists to get the best stone. The Opal traditional birthstone of October is worn by people born in the month of October.

Who should wear this stone?

This gemstone Opal can be worn by both men and women. Usually, opal gemstone for good luck and charm and you will be able to see a good difference in your financial status after you start wearing this gemstone. If you are into some kind of business, then you should wear this gemstone as this really works. Especially, if you are into businesses like exports and imports, tourism or travels. If you are stuck up with some kind of litigation's, you can wear this gemstone and your litigation's will be solved.

How should you wear this gemstone to enjoy the Healing Properties Of Opal?

•              Whether you know or you don’t know anything about this gemstone, you should always take care before wearing it. You will have to get in touch with the astrologer to know about it.

•              The weight of the gemstone is important and this gemstone Opal has to be 6 rattis and that is the best weight for most of the people.

•              You can make a pendant of this gemstone or you can make ring of it. But you should be using only the silver and gold metals for making of either pendant or ring.

•              The stone should be inserted in the metal in such a way that it should be touching your skin.

•              Wear opal gemstone to promote creativity and spontaneity on a Friday morning. It has to be a Shukla paksha Friday.

•              You can wear it on your ring finger or your middle finger, but you will have to wear it only on your right hand.

•              Before you actually wear it on your finger, you will have to place this ring or pendant in a bowl containing Honey, one spoon of curd, Tulsi leaves, Ghee and Ganga water. This step is for purification of the gemstone after its making.

Benefits that you can enjoy with Opal gemstone:

•              Women or men who are facing extreme problems in their married life should wear this gemstone and you will be able to see changes.

•              As this stone is for glamour and beauty, women belonging to fashion industry will be able to see many benefits of wearing it.

•              Your overall social relationships will get better.

•              You will be able to see improvement in health issues related to urinary bladder.

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