Pearl is considered the organic gemstone of the Moon

  December 14, 2016
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The shining Pearl is available in hues of brown, grey, black, white, pink and blue. Yet, nothing captures everyone’s imagination as much as the gemstone exhibiting a pure, white colour does. People love to compare it to the glorious full moon witnessed against a dark night sky. After all, both are similarly round in appearance and cold to the touch.

Pearl and Planet Moon

Yes, the ordinary satellite of the Earth converts into a planet in the world of Vedic astrology. The Pearl is governed by this planet. Therefore, It is apt that both are closely associated with the water element. The moon takes charge of the incoming and outgoing tides on Earth. The gemstone is created by the soft-bodied oyster and other molluscs like it, residing in the depths of the seas and the oceans. While the moon brings about a balance between the skies and the earth, the Pearl creates harmony between the oceans and the earth.

Since it is organic in nature, the precious stone is not very hard. In fact, its hardness rates anywhere between 2.5 and 4.5 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness. As a result, the delicate gemstone is vulnerable to pressure, excess dryness and sunlight, acids, changes in humidity and temperature, vigorous rubbing and scratches. Therefore, do ensure that you buy the best quality Pearl (Moti) gemstone from an authentic gemmologist, such as Unlike other gemstones, the majestic Pearl’s weight is measured differently.

A Revered Gemstone

Right from earlier times, the Pearl, a cold gemstone that enhances the power of Moon, has been admired as a symbol of prosperity and social status. This is why it was deemed as an expensive and unique gift by the Spaniards. Roman nobles declared that only people of high rank could wear ornaments created from pearls. The common people would not be allowed to possess them. Just like them, even Ancient American tribes loved to display their pearls! It is obvious that the popularity of the humble Pearl has not diminished over the ages. Even today, people are fond of both, the natural and the cultured gemstones. There may be tiny irregularities or impurities in this organic mineral, but they are barely visible.

Did you know that the Pearl is the rashi ratna for Cancer, the zodiac sign? Well, if you did not, you do now! This gemstone serves to rebuild lost confidence. As you continue to befriend this precious stone, it will help you improve your skills in building relationships. As you gain new friends, you gain mental peace for yourself. Naturally, your mindset becomes stable and positive. You should not be surprised to find your bodily fluids free of maladies or toxic impurities.

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