Physical Properties of Green Emerald Gemstone

  November 10, 2016
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The Emerald gemstone can send you into a hypnotic trance as you gaze upon its bewitching beauty. Is it any wonder then that it occupies a prized position amongst the ‘famous four’? The world’s most precious stones include the captivating Sapphire, the scintillating Ruby, the lustrous Diamond and the mesmerising Emerald.
What is unique about the Emerald gemstone’s properties?

Were you aware that people have fought with each other to possess this precious stone? No, you weren’t! Well, there was a belief attached to its possession. The owner would remain youthful in appearance forever. Some people felt that the stone had magical or mystical powers that even bordered on the supernatural at times. With such myths and folklore in evidence, it was to be expected that the gemstone had a high price associated with it. Even today, the Panna is more expensive in comparison to several other gemstones.

Now, if you desire the stone’s influential powers to have a beneficial effect on your physique and mindset, you must buy Emerald online. You may browse several websites, including, to ensure that you are not cheated. Note that the original stone is superbly transparent. This is because it is an extremely pure extraction obtained from the mineral, Beryl. As for colour, the stone should be an enchanting light green or dark green. These hues may be attributed to the presence of small quantities of vanadium and chromium present in Beryl. Despite its apparently delicate appearance, the stone is quite hard. In fact, the Emerald scores between 7.5 and 8 on Moh’s Hardness Scale. Do ensure that the smooth surface is not be marred by ugly black dots. Even cracks or flaws, however minor they may be, are not welcome.

Where is the Emerald to be found?

It may interest you to know that the Emerald gains its name from a Latin word meaning green gem. The word is Smaragdus. The precious stone is addressed by other names too, such as Mercury Stone, Pacchu and Panna. It is referred to as Marakata in Sanskrit. The name is attributed to the green colour associated with growing things.

As mentioned earlier, the Panna is linked to the Beryl, one of the world’s most valuable stones. Therefore, it is pricey, similar to the Diamond. If you wish to attain maximum astrological benefits, you should be getting the Panna from the mines in Zambia. The purest variety of this gemstone is to be found in this place. Another region in Africa, which yields good quality Panna, is Egypt (Cleopatra Mines). Apart from these places, you may find the precious stones in Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Somalia, Scotland, USA, Italy, Spain, Russia, India and Pakistan. As far as cutting of the gemstones is concerned, Jaipur in Rajasthan, India, is the best place to go.

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