Powerful Blue Sapphire Gemstone for Saturn Planet

  January 6, 2017
blue sapphire stone

People are generally frightened of Shani Dev, that is, planet Saturn. It is well known that He is a planet of contrasting characteristics. As a result, you may find yourself becoming the helpless victim of his extreme maliciousness or a happy recipient of his extreme kindnesses. Therefore, it becomes imperative for you to befriend the scintillatingly lovely Blue Sapphire gemstone. The ill effects of planet Saturn may be reduced, while the good effects may be enhanced.

How will you forge a strong bond of friendship between Blue Sapphire and yourself?

When you make friends with someone, it is perfectly reasonable that you would like this person to be the ‘best’ amongst all. Similarly, your precious stone must possess genuine certification from an authentic laboratory. Vedicratna.com is able to give you this assurance, for they are reliable dealers.

After obtaining this kind of stone, have it embedded onto a silver or golden, open-backed ring. Purify the ring in accordance with the instructions issued by a reputed astrologer. When the ring is ready, place it on the middle finger of your right hand. The Do this on a Saturday, for that is the favourite day of the slowest-moving planet, Saturn. The timing should be between 5 AM and 7 AM. It would be ideal to opt for a day in the first fortnight of any month (Shukla Paksha). It is believed that the gemstone will be in full strength for at least four years; its strength may wane after that.

What changes will you witness in your life after wearing Blue Sapphire?

It will be a relief to discover your peace of mind returning, albeit in a gradual manner. As a result, even your digestive system, which has faced the brunt of terrible stress until now, will begin to recover its normal functioning. Yes, all the stressors, fear of unknown things and complexes intertwined with your personality, will disappear. Thus, your psychology and physiology reveal tremendous improvement.

You will be able to think clearly, permitting the setting of life’s goals in a mature manner. Clarity is further enhanced by the development of deeper intuition, greater wisdom, intelligent thought processes and an urgent drive to move ahead in life. You refuse to let any novel opportunity slip through your fingers. You will be able to focus on your tasks much better, thanks to your creativity, discipline and patience. Yes, your family and co-workers are going to be terribly surprised by the new YOU!

Shani Dev loves people, who respect their elders, give due attention to responsibilities and duties, cast aside unnecessary luxuries and focus on the attainment of spiritual wisdom. Rest assured that your truthful nature, generosity and tranquil habits will fetch healthy results.

Over time, you will become a vivacious and charismatic leader, whom others will be eager to follow. You will be blessed with longevity too.

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