Powerful Hessonite Gemstones to Avoid the Ill Effects of Rahu

  November 22, 2016
Hessonite (gomed) online

The occurrence of supernatural events and their impact on living things are terribly difficult to believe or comprehend by ordinary human beings. Only knowledgeable and experienced Vedic astrologers are capable of deciphering the reasons for these happenings and their positive/negative outcomes. They can provide believable explanations of how heavenly bodies, especially planets, either befriend or reject you, right from the time of your birth until your death. Thus, they are the best people to guide you regarding the wearing of particular gomed gemstones.

Why is Hessonite so popular amongst people?

Now, it is not possible to discuss every single gemstone over here. However, it would be good to see how the excessively popular Hessonite (Gomed) challenges the ill-effects caused by the shadowy or invisible planet called Rahu. In fact, this planet harasses many people, regardless of their respective zodiac signs.

If this extremely malefic planet is positioned badly in your natal chart, everyone will know by the way you express yourself verbally and in behaviour. Cleanliness is not next to Godliness for you. Then again, you prefer to be lazy in attitude and aggressive in tone. Naturally, neither your dietary habits nor sleeping regimen help you stay healthy. Furthermore, people prefer to stay away from you because of your touchiness and temper tantrums. Even this is not enough to satisfy Rahu. He will make sure that you become a target of professional jealousies, black magic, court cases, bad habits, and so on. It will seem as if your life is completely ruined.

You will be able to restore harmony and peace in your life via the glorious Gomed, which glows like golden honey. Your astrologer may advise you to purchase a genuine gemstone Gomed online from vedicratna.com, a reputed dealer. When you allow light to play across all its facets, you will feel awed by the reddish-chocolate, light-to-deep red or light-to-deep brownish yellow hues that radiate from them. Thus, the brilliance, lustre and clarity are flawless and superb.

How will hessonite prove advantageous?

Once the hessonite gemstone finds its rightful place on the middle finger of your right hand, it will begin to work on your mind. Within a short time, you should find yourself regaining your vitality and energy. Then again, your positive thought processes should serve to enhance your mental clarity, restore your self-esteem and grant greater strength to your decision-making abilities. Such improvements are splendid for you, especially if you are in the field of law, politics or journalism. Even the police forces and the armed forces are specifically favoured by hessonite.

With regard to health, you need never worry about becoming a victim of substance abuse, snake bites, evil influences, life-threatening illnesses, personality issues, financial problems, etc. Over time, you are bound to become a powerful and charismatic figure.

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