Precious Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone to Nullify Malefic Effects of Mars

  October 17, 2019

The Red Coral gemstone, often known as Moonga, is one of the most popular known gemstones in the astrological world. This gemstone is ruled by the planet Mars or Mangal as per the Indian Vedic Astrology.

This gemstone is produced naturally in an organic way under the sea by the gelatinous aquatic animals known as polyps. Moonga is a very powerful stone that not only negates harmful impacts but also keeps you at peace, mentally as well as physically. Always try to buy moonga gemstone of at least 5 carats for experiencing its benefits.

Benefits of wearing the red coral

The question is how to recognize moonga benefits?

There are quite a few benefits of wearing a red coral gemstone, some of which have been discussed below: -

  • Since Mars is the God of warfare, Red Coral (moonga stone) is victoryover enemies and adversaries.
  • It helps you to avoid any source of evil forces.
  • In case you are looking for confidence, courage and inner strength then wearing Moonga is the choice for building them up.
  • Red Coral stone help people suffering from Manglik Dosha.
  • This stone is also considered beneficial for the institution of marriage, as it gives strength and vitality to the relationship and also promises long life to the spouses.
  • Moonga ensures an early marriage to girls wearing them.
  • People suffering from chronic diseases, accidents, injuries, pimples, bleeding, or even financial losses should definitely consider wearing a Red Coral stone.
  • It also helps one to kick the feeling of lethargy and feel energetic.

Price of Red Coral stone

Red Moonga stone price depends upon its Weight. Since Red Coral is very desirable and beneficial for its colour and astrological benefits, therefore the prices of it is slightly high. Though the prices vary from 500 to 5000 depending on their origin, cut, clarity, colour and shape per carat, they are very much affordable. Buy Certified Moonga Ratna at low price from reliable sites.

How to identify original coral?

  • Testing With Magnifying Glass- To test the purity of a coral stone place it on a white paper under natural light and see it through a magnifying glass. If you observe a smooth surface of the stone then it is real or genuine but in case you notice a rough surface or fragments on the coral then it is probably a fake one.
  • Testing with raw turmeric- Take a piece of raw turmeric and rub it on the coral surface. If your stone is real, the turmeric piece will turn red in colour, and if it is fake the coral stone will only leave red marks on the piece of turmeric.
  • Testing by wearing it- To understand if the coral is unique or not, you will have to wear the gemstone for a few days when you are having some health problems. You will notice that the colour of the stone is pale and faded but it will soon regain its colour as soon as your health recovers.

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