Properties and Benefits of Red Coral

  November 12, 2016
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If you imagined that all your gemstones were extracted from rocks, you could not be more wrong. There is a particular precious stone renowned as the Red Coral, which is purely organic in nature.

What is the origin of the Red Coral?

If you could traverse the coastal areas of India, Mediterranean Region, Japan, Italy, Corsica, Hawaii, France, Sicily, Algeria and Spain, you would discover colonies of polyps nesting in the depths of these seas. Every animal awards its internal skeleton extra protection via the formation of a tough external skeleton. Made of calcium carbonate, this external structure begins to resemble a tree, albeit with its branches possessing no leaf-like structures. We recognise the animal as a coral. Of course, you may obtain the skeleton in white or saffron shades too.

At first glance, it is hard to imagine that this soft and delicate coral is actually a valuable gemstone. The appearance of the oval, free form or round stone is so dull and matte. Furthermore, the stiff stone may be opaque or translucent. However, when the same Red Coral is placed into the skilled hands of a gemmologist, the transformation is astounding. You will view a precious stone with an even and regular surface, as well as evenly-spread colour. Gentle polishing with sandstone and felt-wheels ensures that the stone acquires a superbly radiant appearance. You will be able to obtain a genuine Red Coral without holes or dents at You will be able to retain the charm of the gemstone by cleansing it regularly with the aid of a moist, soft cloth.

How will Red Coral benefit you?

At the outset, do not engage in stereotyped thinking that anything associated with the colour ‘red’ represents negative things, danger, etc. Do not even feel that you will experience drastically aggressive changes in personality, since red is a fiery colour.

Just ask yourself if it is wrong to possess a challenging personality, especially when confronted with adverse situations. It isn’t, is it? In fact, the gemstone will enhance your courage, confidence and physical strength to such an extent that nothing in life can faze you any longer. Yes, you will fight, but not with people. Instead, you will take pleasure in warring against injustice, evil forces, unnecessary anger, unhealthy possessiveness, etc.

Then again, Red Coral will ensure that your health improves. You will no longer have to fear acute or chronic illnesses, scorpion bites, insect bites, snakebites, mental ill health and so on. You are so full of energy, liveliness and vitality that it is hard to keep you down! You will be able to build long-lasting relationships within the community and in the work arena. In fact, people will begin to view you as an inspiring and motivating leader, who grabs every opportunity to advance in his/her career.

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