Properties, Benefits and Substitutes of Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter

  November 23, 2016
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The Yellow Sapphire reminds you of the sun and its golden rays as you gaze upon its sparkling beauty. You feel as if your vigour and vitality have been restored in full measure. Naturally, you become eager to get on with life’s tasks with renewed faith and energy. It is no wonder then that this stone occupies a prized position amongst the Navratnas (nine gems).

What are the properties of Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj?

Now, you are well aware that fraudsters and duplicate gemstones abound on the Internet. Therefore, when your astrologer urges you to buy Yellow Sapphire gemstone online, do browse the Net for genuine gemmologists. One such website is The gemstone is extracted from mines in Tanzania, Thailand, Australia, Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

You will be able to recognise the precious stone through its rich yellow hues. The colour may be attributed to the presence of aluminium oxide within it. In fact, the gemstone gleams like pure gold when held up against bright light. There is not the slightest tinge of orange on it. You may test the colour fastness by keeping Yellow Sapphire soaked in raw milk for 24 hours. There is no change at all. As for hardness, the gemstone rates around nine on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness.

Yellow Sapphire is governed by the lord of all planets, Jupiter. You may rest assured, therefore, that you will scale great heights in your chosen career or business. For instance, relationship building becomes an effortless exercise, due to your improved communication skills, friendly behaviour, clarity in decision-making and the ability to meet challenges head on.

With regard to the type of business that you should handle, it may be worthwhile to go in for trades that are associated with shades of yellow. Businesses dealing with clothing, jewellery, gold, bronze or brass items, yellow-coloured commodities, wax items, etc, are bound to flourish. At the same time, do not conclude that if your particular line of business has nothing to do with this colour, it will fail. If the gemstone is meant for you, you will prosper in all areas of life.

Yes, your quality of life should improve, since your personality undergoes drastic changes. You develop equanimity, refusing to allow anything to faze you. You will be at peace physically and mentally too.

Are you a female in search of a suitable life partner? You will find him soon, thanks to the blessings of Yellow Sapphire. If you are a male, you will find someone who matches your specifications wonderfully well. Thus, your life will become harmoniously balanced.

What are the substitutes of Yellow Sapphire?

Sometimes, the original stone may not be available or incapable of suiting your requirements. You may then go in for Yellow Onyx, Root of Banana, Sunela or Yellow Hakik.

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