Reasons for wearing Rings of Cats Eye Stones on your Finger

  October 25, 2016
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The Cat’s Eye is indeed a unique gemstone, for its appearance is so very different from other gemstones.  Are you wondering how? Well, when you obtain your genuine gemstone from, just hold it up to the light. You will observe an entrancingly luminescent band going round the entire stone. This is the Chatoyant effect. Thanks to it, when you view your precious stone from diverse angles, you will be able to witness a scintillating play of colours.

Several reasons of wearing Cat’s Eye gemstone

Zodiac Sun Sign

Are you a Piscean or a Sagittarian? If the answer is in the affirmative, you will definitely need protection from the malevolent effects of a shadow planet renowned as Ketu. You will comprehend better when you find yourself susceptible to nightmares, unexpected injuries, severe health issues or bad luck. Do not take this aspect lightly, for the adversities may stretch anywhere between 7 and 18 years.


With planet Ketu tailing you every moment of your life, you are bound to suffer from ailments related to the musculoskeletal, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular, genes and nervous systems, or even cancer. You may become a victim of depression, stress or fall prey to bad habits, due to non-fulfilment of life’s goals. Whatever is the case, this gemstone will help you recover your natural vivaciousness and verve.


Would you like to see an improvement in your personality, especially in the areas of confidence and memory? Well, then, Cat’s Eye is the perfect birthstone for you. Then again, just imagine how marvellous you will feel when you attain clarity of thought and vision. No longer will you fumble with decision-making.


Over time, if you always been a seeker of knowledge, you may find yourself gravitating towards spiritual enlightenment, wherein you acquire greater self-awareness too. In fact, some individuals even permit worldly desires to take a backseat. As a result, they ponder deeply over concepts like asceticism, abstract thinking, liberation, wisdom, etc.

Good Luck

Do you feel as if you are being plagued by evil forces? It as if nobody wants you to prosper or move ahead in life. This can give rise to unnecessary fears and complexes, which prevent you from dealing with life’s tough challenges in a positive manner. The donning of a ring with the Cat’s Eye on it should take care of the issue effectively. It is akin to a psychic talisman, which can ward off the malevolence of the evil eye. You may even get back your lost wealth or discover the courage to restart a closed business. You should be able to experience good luck, financial stability and joyousness.

On a final note, the Cat’s Eye is also supposed to favour games of chance and speculative activities. Regardless, do not get involved in things like gambling, betting, etc. It is always good to earn in ways that afford peace of mind.

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