Recommended Vedic Gemstones for Every Sign

  December 6, 2016
precious gemstones and Vedic astrology

Gemstones have attained importance, not only because they enhance the beauty of jewellery items, but also because they offer astrological remedies for human problems. These gemstones are supposed to use their brilliant lustre and cosmic vibrations for bringing peace and harmony, good fortune and good luck into humankind’s lives. Therefore, experienced Vedic astrologers suggest that you wear a gemstone that is compatible with your particular zodiac sign.

What is the connection between precious stones and Vedic astrology?

The Ancient Science of Light, that is, Vedic astrology, believes that natural and supernatural forces have a deep impact upon the lives of human beings. Now, these forces may have positive or negative effects. The positivity may be enhanced and the negativity may be reduced via diverse therapies, including gemstone therapy.

Vedic astrology has always believed that the astrological Solar System comprises of nine planets, that is, the Navagrahas. They are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu. These planets collectively emit colourful rays of light. The colours are similar to the colours of the rainbow. They are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red (VIBGYOR). These light rays are not ordinary in nature. They are extraordinary, for they contain cosmic energies.

As the planets move around in their orbits, they direct these powerful rays of light towards the Earth. All living beings on this planet are affected by these energy-laden rays. For instance, the aura surrounding your body may receive positive or negative vibrations in alignment with the rays reaching you from a particular planet. Your astrologer identifies the details by making an in-depth study of your natal chart. After all, your horoscope provides information about your time and date of birth, planetary positions at that time and the interplanetary relations at that time. A particular gemstone is chosen for you. This precious stone restores the balance of your mind, body and spirit via its own light rays and cosmic vibrations.

Which zodiac sign should wear which gemstone?

The scintillating Emerald is ideal for the Gemini-born and the Virgo-born. The gemstone is governed by planet Mercury.

The beautiful Diamond, associated with planet Venus, is ideal for the Taurus-born and the Libra-born.

The glowing Red Coral is ideal for the Aries-born and the Scorpio-born. It is associated with planet Mars.

The lustrous Yellow Sapphire suits the Sagittarian-born and the Pisces-born, for it is represents planet Jupiter.

The glorious Blue Sapphire is a friend of planet Saturn. It is ideal for Aquarius-born and Capricorn-born.

The sparkling Ruby represents planet Sun. The Leo-born should go for it.

The shining Pearl is a friend of planet Moon. It should be worn by the Cancer-born.

The splendid Gomed is ideal for anyone afflicted by planet Rahu or the moon’s ascending node.

The mysterious Cat’s Eye is great for anyone tormented by planet Ketu or the moon’s descending node.

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