A red coral is delicate and soft since it is organic

  October 19, 2016
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The seas are home to all kinds of strange-looking animals, including the plant-like polyp. Vedic astrology suggests that this creature provides a divine remedy for people in the form of Red Coral , Praval or Moonga.

All about the Red Coral

The polyp covers its internal skeleton with a hard, external skeleton of calcium carbonate. The new skeleton branches out into several tiny, leafless, stiff bushes. It yields oval, round or free form gemstones. Moonga may have several hues, such as scarlet, reddish pink, red, deep red, white and saffron. The raw stone is translucent or opaque, rather matte and dull in appearance. It is polished first with sandstone, and then with felt-wheels, in order to attain a wonderfully glossy look.

The finest specimens are available from the Mediterranean Sea (Sardania), Red Sea, coastal Japan and Hawaii. You may also extract Moonga from the coastal areas of India, Italy, Sicily, Spain, Corsica, Algeria and France. Thus, you can buy red coral online at the best price.

Who Deserves the Red Coral?

Leader of the congregation of nine planets (Navagraha), planet Mars (Mangal Grah) governs this gemstone. He is the God of War. If you are afflicted by Mangal Dosha in your horoscope, you will do well to buy a Moonga stone online. It is heavily inclined towards Leo, Aries, Cancer and Scorpio. If you are a number nine, wear Moonga.

How will you wear the Moonga?

Ensure that you buy natural Red Coral gemstone at vedicratna.com on a Tuesday or Sunday during Shukla Paksha (first fortnight of any month). The stone (between 5 to 12 carats) must be studded onto a copper or gold ring. Purify the stone by soaking it in a mixture of cow’s milk, pure honey and pure water for an entire night. Otherwise, you may just use Gangajal. On a Tuesday morning, between 7 and 9 AM, during Shukla Paksha, don the Moonga on the ring finger of your right hand. Chant “Aum bhaum bhaumaye namah Aum” 108 times, while doing so. You should see positive results within a month, lasting up to four years.

How will you identify a Real Moonga?

Make sure that the colour tone is spread evenly over the surface. This means that it should be orange-red or vibrant red. Even the shape of the stone should be regular and the surface quite even. Do not purchase this stone online if it exhibits any kind of holes or dents. After possessing it, cleanse it regularly with a soft and moist cloth.

What are the Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone?

Red is not only the colour of blood, but also the colour of vitality and energy. Then again, you will have stability in your life. Even a child may wear the gemstone as protection against illnesses, scorpion bites, snakebites, etc. Thus, whether adult or child, you will gain the advantage over your enemies and adversaries. Above all, you will advance marvellously in your chosen career or profession.

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