Red Coral (Moonga) for Mars: Color, Benefits, and Properties

  August 22, 2019

Mars plays a very important role in our birth chart. It is the influencer of all our activities and presides over the temperament of a person. It decides whether a person will be active in nature or passive. Beneficial Mars in a Person's chart can help him, or her attain the heights of success through zeal and hard work. A person who does not have mars in a favorable position will probably have lags and won't be ready for the tasks assigned to him or her.

Moongs is the gemstone for Mars. This stone harnesses the positive effects of mars and makes its wearer inculcate virtues. The benefit of the Moonga stone will be immense if you buy it from a trusted shop that gives you quality gemstones.

Astrological Benefits of Red Coral

It is desirable for its color & astrological benefits. Let us have a look at what the benefits are.

  1. Will Give you Zeal- If you are someone who lacks zeal or the moving force in life, buy a red coral or Moonga to correct this way of lifestyle. Red Coral benefits the wearers and endows them with better instincts, zeal, and intuitions.
  2. Gives Courage- Do you fear too much? The Moonga stone will take out all your fears and make you a brave person. If you have stage-fright or speak in public, this gemstone will be the source of courage.
  3. Makes a Person Hard-Working- If you are someone who struggles with the daily chores or is lazy, wear a Red Coral. This will make you a hard-working person.
  4. Life-Saver for Manglik Persons- We all know that persons who are Manglik (born with mars in 1st, 4th or 8th houses) poses a threat to their partner (if he or she is non-Manglik). In that case, the Red coral avoids any impending accidents and works as a shield for the partner. Buying a certified Red Coral stone Barishh gemstone online can avert the tragedy.
  5. Good for Body- It is good for the circulatory system and helps in treating all blood-related problems. Moonga is also useful if you are suffering from bone-marrow or other bone-related troubles.
  6. Controls Temper- If you are someone with temperamental issues, it is best for you to wear red coral. It will give you a better way of dealing with situations and control your anger.

Prices of Red Coral (Moonga) in India

Red coral is an opaque stone with a bright red color. It isn't the costliest of stones and comes at a pretty affordable range. You can find Moonga Gemstone online at low prices. The prices range from INR 500 to INR 6000.

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