Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone to Nullify the Manglik Dosha

  September 9, 2017

It is when the planet Mars dominates your horoscope that you become a victim of Mangal Dosha. People refer to you as a Manglik, who has failed to please the Warlord of the astrological Solar System. Yes, planet Mars is the ‘warrior’ who leads, and expects unfaltering obedience from everyone, including you! You can appeal to his good nature only by befriending the charming Red Coral gemstone.

How do you know that you are afflicted by Mangal Dosha?

It is also known as Kuja Dosha. Your astrologer will be able to discover the position of planet Mars in the skies during the time and date of your birth, by studying your natal chart. Pray that the Warlord has not settled down in the 12th, 8th, 7th, 4th, 2nd or 1st house of your life’s destiny! If he has, then you are truly unlucky! At the same time, understand that planet Mars has his quirks too! He is specifically inclined towards those, who are born under the sun signs of Aries and Scorpio. He also turns his attention to crabs (Cancer) and lions (Leo) sometimes.

If you are an Arian, the evil influence will display itself in the form of pompous high-handedness and aggressive dominance in your behaviour. Everyone will be unhappy with your boastful attitude, and lack of self-control and discipline. You will have to beware of sudden accidents.

In case, you are born under the zodiac sign, Scorpio, you will be unable to control your anger or aggression towards others. You are especially vindictive and vicious towards those, whom you consider your enemies. Evil forces are obviously influencing your personality.

How does the Red Coral gemstone nullify Kuja Dosha?

Your gemstone must be authentic, if it has to award maximum astrological benefits. Therefore, obtain it from a genuine store, such as Next, have it embedded onto a gold/copper ring, make it undergo a purification process and finally, wear it on the ring finger of your right hand. Your astrologer will guide you.

The first thing that happens is the initiation of a deep internal cleansing. You will know by the fact that you become completely stress free. How does this happen? Well, your blood circulatory system is rid of all its toxins, as if by magic! In turn, the blood flow becomes normal and healthy. When the vital forces in your body regain normal functioning, you need not fear bites, injuries or wounds.

As for your personality, since your inner peace and mental clarity are restored, you will exhibit liveliness, courage, alertness and kindness in your behaviour. Good decision-making skills will enable professional life to prosper. All your past and present relationships will be strengthened, suggesting that the Red Coral gemstone has been successful in transmitting planet Mars’ positive cosmic energies into the innermost depths of your mind, body and soul.

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