Red Coral : The Gemstone for Power, Success, and Victory

  November 11, 2019

It is often said that our actions decide our character. But do you know who controls our actions? It is the planet Mars in our birth chart that is responsible for our actions, reactions, and abilities.

If Mars is well-placed in a chart, a person can achieve the height of heights. But if it is ill-placed, then a person can fling into the lowest of low. Wearing red coral gemstone empowers a badly placed Mars ad gives it strength to act like the warrior that it truly is. So, to please Mars, you can wear a Red coral.

It is also known as Moonga in Hindi. It is an opaque red stone that can turn around the way malefic Mars acts in your chart. This stone is not very costly but can bring great benefits to its wearer. It is a soft stone that scores 3.4 to 4 on the Mohs scale. Remember, you must always take good care of your Moonga as its can crack or chip off easily.

What is Red Coral Good For?

There are abundant benefits of Red coral. If you want to know what good a Red coral can do to you, then keep reading on.

  • Marital Bliss- No matter how calm or composed a person you are, marriage or marital relations might be a little overwhelming or too much for you. If you want marital bliss in your relationship, wear a red coral.
  • Controlling Temper- If you have a hot temper, then wearing Red coral (Moonga) can bring it down. Did you know, Mars is the planet that is responsible for our anger? If you please mars with this gemstone, then your temper will be in control.
  • To Negate Manglik Dosha - A person is a Manglik if Mars sits in the 1st, 4th or 8th house in the birth chart. Manglik yoga is a very inauspicious yoga that affects the health and well being of the spouse. To negate this yoga and protect your spouse from the evil effects of Mars, you must wear a Red coral.
  • Give Success- Moonga is a very powerful stone, and it can give you immense success. Astrologers recommend this stone if you want to win a battle or defeat your adversaries.

The Best Place to Buy Red Coral

The best place to buy Red coral is from online stores. Many sellers in the physical market often dupe unsuspecting customers with a fake stone. To get a genuine gemstone, buy a unique red coral stone from reliable sites.

Most Effective and Powerful Shapes of Moonga Gemstone

Did you know the shape of the planet Mars in the Navagraha system is triangular? Yes, it is represented by a red triangle. It is for this reason that natural Italian triangular Moonga is the most effective. It might cost slightly higher, but it is the best of the lot. However, those of you who like oval red coral, you can buy the Natural Italian Oval Moonga for maximum benefits.

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