Relationship between Gemstones and Ancient Indian Astrology

  November 24, 2016
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Probably, this sincere faith in spiritual knowledge helped their eyes and brains to observe and comprehend universal happenings and events much better than those of ordinary mortals did. No wonder then that they were referred to as seers.

What is unique about Vedic astrology?

The seers introduced Vedic Jyotish Vidya to the world. Vedic refers to the sacred literature of the Hindus. Jyotish gemstones buy comprises of two words, that is, Jyot (light) and Ish (science). Vidya refers to knowledge. Therefore, astrologers obtain knowledge about the science of light, which has a close link to the Ancient scriptures.

As per this Science, the Vedic Solar System comprises of nine planets too, similar to the astronomical Solar System. However, the heavenly bodies deemed as planets in the former, are slightly different from those in the latter. These heavenly bodies are Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Ketu, Rahu, Sun and Moon.

Amongst these nine planets, two are invisible. They are Ketu and Rahu, also known as the shadowy planets. They are also noted to be the southern end or descending lunar node and northern end or ascending lunar node of the heavenly dragon possessing a tail. If you have extremely sharp eyes, you might be able to see this formation in the night sky. As for node, it refers to the point where the lunar and solar planes intersect.

Every planet traverses in its orbit. During its movement, it gives out powerful cosmic vibrations. The force of these vibrations varies from planet to planet. The radiating energies travel through the electromagnetic and heat fields surrounding the Earth’s atmosphere, in order to reach the human beings residing there. They are in the form of rays. These rays affect living beings negatively or positively. This means that planetary positions, as well as their interactions with one another, impact us throughout our lives.

What is the connection between gemstones and Ancient Indian astrology?

As you must be aware of, your birth chart was mapped out by experienced astrologers soon after you were born. Various aspects, such as time and date of birth, the position of planets in the eastern horizon and their reactions towards one another, were all taken into account while preparing the horoscope. The Ancients also suggest that good and bad karma's (actions) are carried over from one birth to another. While the good leads to more benefits in your current life, the bad brings punishments. If specifically recommended gemstones are worn for particular duration's or for an entire lifetime, they serve to reduce the negative effects of your previous and current karma's. It goes without saying that the gemstones must be natural, untreated and flawless. You may avoid duplicates or flawed stones by visiting reputed websites like

Whatever Navratna you opt for, it will ensure that the cosmic rays absorbed by it penetrates your skin. In turn, these rays will bring about healthy changes in your psyche and physiology.

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Vedicratna and Gemstones