Relationship of Nine Planets with Vedic Gemstones

  November 21, 2016
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The astrological configuration of nine planets comprises of cosmic energies, which, in turn, are linked to the seven colours of the rainbow. These divine energies and hues impact human lives in positive, negative or neutral ways.


Do you daydream, have a poor memory, engage in irrational fantasies and immature behaviour, are mentally dull and possess an abnormal view of the world? The mesmerising Emerald gemstone will help you get back mental alertness, discriminative intellect, sharpened memory and excellent communication skills.


Your weakness is recognisable through your obsession for all kinds of ugly comforts or sexual fulfilment, as well as aggressive, coarse or crude behaviour. Befriend the majestic Diamond to recover your charm, attractiveness, grace and artistic qualities.


Your conglomeration of fears and hang-ups cause your passions to run high, whatever is the situation. The beautiful Red Coral gemstone will help you become courageous and energetic, discard laziness and passive behaviour, develop motivation and gain greater insight into people’s attitudes and life’s challenges.


Are you drowning in self-pity and moodiness, wandering through life without any fixed purpose or direction, and a victim of financial problems? Thanks to the bewitching Yellow Sapphire, you will become faithful, wise, compassionate, expansive, happy, enthusiastic, intelligent in making judgements and prosperous.


This dangerous and vindictive planet can torment you with anxiety, diseases, financial troubles, weakness, vulnerability, insomnia or lack of drive. Only the gorgeous Blue Sapphire can restore your confidence, tranquillity, motivation, endurance, practicality, balanced view of the positive and negative, financial stability and prosperity.


It stands for purity, ability to command and rule, leadership qualities, passion, will power, independence and vitality. However, a weak planet will force you to give in to helplessness, egotism, unreasonableness or self-absorption. Then, it is time to favour the scintillating Ruby.


If people keep commenting upon your anxiety-ridden and imbalanced personality, habit of worry, mood swings, heightened emotions and the desire to stay away from people and relationships, it means that this planet is weak. Only the lustrous Pearl gemstone will be able to restore your mental strength, contentment, emotional stability and friendly nature.


The charming Hessonite is best for getting rid of your addictive behaviours, occult influences, strange imaginings and fears, lack of self-respect and lack of respect for societal norms. They are caused by the malefic and shadowy planet Rahu. The gemstone will help you recover your mental clarity, self-esteem, courage and social popularity.


Malevolent Ketu will make you experience lack of insight, all kinds of doubts and uncertainties, clouding of reason and perception, poor concentration and inability to discriminate between good and bad. Befriending the magnificent Cat’s Eye gemstone will help you recover mental balance, keen sense of reasoning, concentration and balanced instincts.

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