Remove Obstacles in Life with Cat's eye Gemstone

  September 12, 2017

Oh, my, has your astrologer discovered the presence of planet Ketu in your horoscope? You are to be pitied, for he is as cruel, malevolent and mean as planet Rahu. He does not spare any zodiac sign, torturing and harassing, as he desires! The only way to escape his clutches is to befriend the Cat’s Eye gemstone.

Why is planet Ketu so feared by everyone?

Planet Ketu reveals his presence via the 12th, 9th, 6th or 3rd house in your birth chart. He is the stubborn tenant, who refuses to walk out of your life until several years have gone by. How will you survive life’s trials and tribulations until then, or will you even survive at all?

As long as he is around, you will feel as if every organ system in your body is giving you trouble! Your blood circulation does not seem to be healthy at all. Your body seems to be full of aches and pains. Furthermore, you are on edge most of the time, giving the impression that the digestive, nervous and endocrine systems are malfunctioning. You are often beset by respiratory problems. Thus, you become prone to acute or chronic conditions, making you run to your doctor oftener than usual!

When your internal self is all topsy-turvy, can you expect your mind or spirit to be at peace? The effect shows, in the form of an eternally harassed look on your countenance. People will wonder why you are so grumpy and cheerless all the time. Naturally, your relationships suffer at home, at the workplace, at business and within the community.

Why is the Cat’s Eye gemstone deemed as a Godsend for people like you?

If you have been wise enough to purchase a genuine Cat’s Eye gemstone from an authentic store like, you may expect miracles to occur in your life soon. When your purchase is through, have the gemstone placed onto an open-backed ring made of gold. It is imperative that the Cat’s Eye touch your bare skin all the time. Only then, will it be able to transfer the positive cosmic energies absorbed from planet Ketu, into the innermost depths of your being. In turn, an internal cleansing will occur. When the ring comes back to you, have it undergo a purification ritual, as directed by an astrologer, prior to placing it on the middle finger of your right hand.

Over time, your memory power, self-awareness and self-confidence return in great measure! You are able to think clearly and rationally, enabling you to take decisions wisely and well, whether you are at home or at the workplace. Adverse situations no longer faze you. You are able to tackle them fearlessly. You are energetic, highly motivated and inspiring. As a result, you become stress-free, prosperous, spiritually wise and financially stable.

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