Name of the Website Short description of the website. opal stone benefits in hindi vedicratna Thu, 24 May 2018 04:43:56 GMT Opal stone is one of the eye-catching Gemstone. opal gemstone is for good luck and charm. How to use and wear the Ruby Gemstone (Manik stone) vedicratna Sat, 24 Mar 2018 00:34:10 GMT Get Ruby gemstone (manik stone) 50% off and also issued lab testing certificate to search easily genuine gemstone. You can buy this on Opal Gemstone - Traditional Birthstone Who Born in October vedicratna Mon, 05 Feb 2018 04:35:29 GMT Opal is the lucky gemstone for who is born in the month of October and most beautiful gemstone in the world. They have an amazing display of colors with mesmerizing patterns like fire stone, white stone etc.. Hessonite wear in Sukhlapaksha Saturday and Get Spiritual Benefits vedicratna Thu, 01 Feb 2018 04:33:15 GMT Hessonite is one of the most powerful gemstone as like blue sapphire as well as yellow sapphire. This gemstone are looking for a remedy from the Rahu dasha How to Identify Original Cat's Eye Gemstone and how to wear vedicratna Tue, 30 Jan 2018 23:44:42 GMT Cat's Eye is a durable gemstone and its effect will last for really long if you are buying an original stone. Any gemstone that is worn for Rahu or Ketu has to be worn with a lot of care. Emerald Gemstone Best for the Successful Love vedicratna Tue, 30 Jan 2018 06:11:01 GMT The weight of the gemstone is very important just like any other gemstones. The weight of Panna Gemstone for Spiritual benefits has to be 3 rattis, 6 or 7 rattis maximum Blue Sapphire Gemstone to Achieve Huge Success in Llife vedicratna Fri, 12 Jan 2018 23:38:26 GMT Blue Sapphire is the most important gemstone in the all nine gemstone, common name is neelam due to the color of the gemstone. This wear middle finger of the right hand. Yellow Sapphire helps in The Business and Profession vedicratna Thu, 11 Jan 2018 01:55:50 GMT Yellow sapphire Co-relation between Doshas and Vedic Astrology vedicratna Fri, 05 Jan 2018 04:00:33 GMT Ayurveda with its doshas and Vedic astrology function on the same lines. Both grant importance to the individual’s constitution, while suggesting remedies for varied problems. Gemstone Suggestions for Good Luck - vedicratna Thu, 04 Jan 2018 05:39:05 GMT Some of the Navratnas help to bring good luck into your life, especially when your life seems to lack any kind of direction or purpose. An expert astrologer should help you choose well Various Types of Rudraksha Beads and their Benefits vedicratna Sat, 23 Dec 2017 05:44:24 GMT These are but ten types of Rudraksham or spiritual seeds. There are many more, with faces going up to 23 and beyond. Whatever kind of holy bead the astrologer recommends for you, do get it from an authentic dealer Details of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone vedicratna Thu, 21 Dec 2017 22:07:14 GMT Benefits of yellow sapphire, wear it on the index finger of your right hand. Positive thoughts replace negative ones, keeping your spirits uplifted always Differences between Astrology Gemstones and Synthetic Gemstones vedicratna Thu, 21 Dec 2017 03:07:18 GMT Astrology gemstones do not undergo any changes in their physical and chemical compositions. Synthetic gemstones are created in special laboratories with special equipment How to wear Navratna Gemstones - Vedicratna.Com vedicratna Wed, 20 Dec 2017 02:01:28 GMT Every Navratna is matched to a specific planet in the astrological Solar System. Therefore, it possesses the ability to transmit cosmic energies to the inner depths of the devout wearer Hessonite and Cat's Eye to Deal with Kal Sarpa Dosha vedicratna Mon, 18 Dec 2017 06:25:18 GMT Hessonite and Cat’s Eye are the best gemstones to tackle the presence of kal sarpa dosha in your life. Befriend them, in order to get back your health, emotional balance and spirituality Cat’s Eye, Lehsunia Gemstone vedicratna Sat, 16 Dec 2017 06:06:34 GMT You will be able to enjoy many positive benefits with the Cat’s Eye gemstone, but you should be sure that you are buying the genuine and original gemstone Differentiation in Real and Fake Gemstones vedicratna Tue, 12 Dec 2017 07:07:02 GMT Natural, untreated gemstones are best for helping you attain maximum astrological advantages. They must not have undergone harsh chemical processes, heat treatments, etc Know which gemstones Support your Profession - vedicratna Wed, 06 Dec 2017 06:39:16 GMT You cannot select whichever gemstone you like for improving the scenario in the professional area. An astrologer will have to check your horoscope and decide for you Blue Sapphire – How to use and how can it be useful? -and-how-can-it-be-useful/ vedicratna Tue, 05 Dec 2017 01:54:51 GMT Where to found Blue sapphire is not a big question these days as it can be found at almost all the gemstone stores, which are even available online Is it Beneficial to wear Navratna Gemstone vedicratna Mon, 04 Dec 2017 04:10:07 GMT The Navratnas award excellent astrological benefits to those, who believe in them. They enhance the positive and reduce the negative, thereby keeping the bodily aura clean and pure