Ruby Gemstone - A Prized Gem, a Priceless Possession

  June 7, 2019

Ruby gemstone is one of the most precious gems. This traditional gem is red in color. The red color of this stone is caused due to the element called Chromium. Its quality is estimated by its cut, clarity, color, and weight of the carat. Sunrise stone is the world’s most valuable stone. Burma is the place where it is originally mined. Exceptional rubies are produced in this region. They are transparent and most of these stones are heated.

The manic gemstone is worn as a jeweler. Imperfections are common in natural Rubies such as the inclusion of a mineral called rutile needles and impurities in color. Rubies have to undergo the process of heat treatment, untreated ones grasp a large premium. Rubies are polished and shaped called cabochons to see the star-like the phenomenon of reflected or refracted light.

Genuine Ruby gemstone

Out of fake Rubies, it is hard to discover the real one. The confident method is to consult with a licensed jeweler. At home, the genuine stone is measured by its hardness and color.

Examining the stone at home

  1. The color and the gloss of rubies: Original Rubies shine with a deep and vivid red color. On the other hand, the fake ones are almost dull. The true guide to estimate a real gemstone is its ‘stoplight red’. If it is brighter than that it is likely to be fake.
  2. Scraping the surface: Original Rubies are the hard ones. Grind a coin in the exterior part of this gemstone and check if you can scratch it. If it shows a scratch, it is not a genuine because only the diamond can make a scratch in a stone.
  3. Comparing a stone to a broken piece of red glass: Glass is often used as a fake Ruby or a fake Sapphire. Since the glass and stone are similar in appearance, it’s common for dealers to use glass composite.
  4. Knowing the fake stone: Garnets, glass, tourmaline, and composite gems are commonly used as fake rubies.

Bringing Ruby gem to a jeweler

  • Consulting a reputable jeweler:  The safest way is to bring the gem to the professional to have a look. But before your visit looking at the review online will be helpful. Make sure whether others were satisfied with this person’s examination.
  • Getting an assessment: A reputed jeweler can examine and tell you the worth. And sure their estimate is likely to be correct.
  • Certifying the gem: An official certification is given by the licensed jeweler for the original ruby. And it acts as proof, so it should be kept safe.

Price Information

Prices depend on its size, color, and origin. Real ruby stone in ½ to 1-carat size ranges from $100 to $15,000 per carat. Burmese stones in ½ to 1-carat size ranges from $300 to $30000 per carat. Browsing on Vedic Ratna you can find a gem for best sale which is affordable to everyone and also top notch in quality.

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