Ruby Gemstone to Increase Liveliness and Induce a Spark

  December 27, 2016
red and pink ruby gemstone online

The very sight of the majestic-looking, red coloured Ruby gemstone suffices to make you feel powerful and royal. After all, it has been the favourite of kings, queens and all nobility over the ages. Humankind’s love affair with the Ruby has continued until today. No wonder then that it occupies an exalted place amongst the four most precious of gemstones.

Why does the Ruby enjoy such deep adoration?

The astrological ruling planet of the lustrous gemstone is the glorious Sun, whose rays disseminate warmth and light over the entire Earth. Just as the fierce yellowish flames of the Sun can never be extinguished, the glowing hues of the Ruby sustain forever. This is what led people to believe that this precious stone represented passion, courage and prosperity. It was used in amulets, charms and talismans.

If you are a Leo-born, Aries-born or a Scorpio-born, you should be rushing to a reliable gemmologist, such as, to obtain this ruby gemstone. After having it studded onto an open-backed copper or gold ring, let the gemstone undergo a purification ritual as suggested by your astrologer. Place the holy ring on the ring finger of your right hand, early Sunday morning. Now, you are ready to confront your terrible nightmares, horror of paranormal or evil influences, intruders into your home, fire, etc. You will always be safe.

How does the glorious gemstone improve your personality?

You may not be aware of the fact that your body has seven chakras located along the vertebral column. The Ruby gemstone is partial to your base or root chakra, located at the base of your spine. It endows this chakra with such life-giving energy and vitality that you your body, mind and spirit become vibrantly alive. You will be surprised to discover how clearly your mind functions, how beautifully you are able to concentrate on any kind of task, how self-confident you suddenly feel and how determined you seem to overcome all kinds of personal and professional challenges. Naturally, you are bound to scale the heights of great success.

Timidity is no longer a part of your personal makeup. You are the courageous leader, who seeks to inspire by thought and action. It helps that your blood circulatory system receives a boost from this precious stone. As a result, you no longer feel lethargic or exhausted all the time. You are the lively spark, which refuses to die!

You are a faithful romantic, who believes in committing to a relationship, once you have initiated it. Thus, your bonding with the opposite sex is always very strong.

Yes, it is there in everyone’s body, but few are even aware of its presence. When it is aroused, the sudden surge of dynamism in your body can leave you feeling wonderfully astonished.

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