Ruby Gemstones the Precious Gem with an Eternal Colour

  October 4, 2019
Ruby Gemstone on Vedicratna

Why the ruby is called the king of all gemstones? There is a valid reason for that. First of all the colour of ruby is eternal and these ravishing gemstones are in the colour of blood that is bright red. The word ruby itself is derived from the Latin word Rubens that means red. There are many shades of red that rubies are made available to us. Few of them are dark red, pinkish red and pigeon blood red. Ruby gets this amazing colour because of the presence of chromium in it. Rubies are also known to be very hard gemstones. They are much stronger than sapphires and little less than diamonds.

Let us have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of wearing ruby gemstone

Rubies can be worn by any person however people under the zodiac sign Leo are most suited for this gemstone. It is considered as their birthstone. Astrologers usually recommend gemstones to the wearer as per the position of the planets in the horoscope of the person. Ruby gemstones have excellent benefits as well as some adverse effects if not work in the exact way they are supposed to be worn.

Rubies can shoo away conditions like blood pressure, bone problems, heart problems, and lower level in confidence and poor eye sight as well. After wearing the ruby the person can feel the new energy flowing within their body and this will tackle all the above issues easily. You should always wear a ruby after consulting a well-known astrologer and only as per his advice. If you do not follow the instructions then you may suffer from adverse effects of the gemstone so be extra cautious while choosing gemstones to wear for life betterment.

It is best to wear energised and activated ruby stone for astrological benefits. When you visit our website you can read in detail about each and every gemstone including the ravishing ruby. So take care when you buy the ruby and ensure you have consulted the astrologer.

Ruby can be afforded by all as the price range of ruby in India ranges from Rs 1000 to Rs 2.5 Lacs per carat. So you can choose one as per your desire and budget and also reap the benefits by wearing this amazing and wonderful gemstone.

The benefits of wearing ruby are great in number in aspects related to astrology. Ruby stone is also called fondly as manik stone. So don’t wait go online to vedicratna and experience the purity and sanity of precious and genuine gemstones all in one single store. Buy magnificent rubies at affordable prices and see the magic unwind in your life. See it being filled with positive energy and vibrancy.

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