The Ruby stones possess smooth textures and rich in colors

  October 17, 2016
natural Ruby gemstone for astrological benefits

The entrancing Ruby has dominated the Indian mindset for centuries. Its beauty and spiritual properties have often been described in lyrical language by writers, poets, romantic lovers, rulers, etc.

Properties of Manikya

Mogok Valley in upper Myanmar is an excellent source of this gemstone. Apart from this region, you will find Manik in Brazil, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Afghanistan, Australia, Scotland and Japan. If you order for Ruby gemstone online at, you will be able to opt for colours ranging from shades of pink to blood red. These hues determine the cost of the precious stone.

Elements like chromium, aluminium oxide, etc, award this popular stone its beautiful colour. Where the hardness scale is concerned, Manikya stands at 9.0. The only stones that are stiffer are diamond and moissanite.

Who will find the Ruby Favourable?

Consult an experienced astrologer before donning this auspicious stone. The fiery signs of the zodiac, that is, Aries, Scorpio and Leo, are governed by the sun. This indicates a good relationship between planet Mars and the sun. If this planet is positioned in the third, fifth, sixth, ninth or eleventh house, you need the help of natural Manikya gemstone for astrological benefits. The precious stone may prove suitable for some Pisceans and Geminians too, based upon the position of the sun in the horoscope.

Conditions governing the wearing of the Ruby

Buy a Ruby gemstone online, which is very transparent and worth anywhere between three to six carats. It may be light or dark pink/red. Planet Mars favours gold or copper rings only. When the ring is ready, keep it dipped in a mixture of honey, pure water and milk for half-an-hour or so, on a Sunday morning. While chanting “Om Surya Namah” between six and seven AM, don the gemstone on the ring finger of your right finger. The positive effects show up within a month or so, and continue for four years.

Recognizing a Genuine Ruby

You will have to pay keen attention to the four Cs, which are colour, clarity, carat and cut. The brightest Manikya is Pigeon Blood. It is also the most valuable. Similarly, there is the highly expensive Sunrise Manik. Apart from the four Cs, size and geographical location also matter. Sometimes, a Manik reveals no inclusions. This could be due to acceptable treatments undertaken for improving transparency, filling cracks, altering the colour, healing cracks, etc. However, the value of Manikya will not decrease. If you explore properly, you should be able to buy a Manik gemstone online at a wholesale price too.

Benefits of wearing a Manik

Apart from bestowing a lively and sparkling personality upon you, Manik will ensure that you grow in confidence, strength, will power and reputation too. You need never worry about health issues, financial stability, growth in chosen career and the effects of evil forces. Go ahead and purchase your stone Manik online as soon as possible.

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