Rudraksha Beads Third Eye and The Blessing of Lord Shiva

  November 7, 2019

Rudraksha is basically the seed of Rudraksha Tree. It is mainly used to offer prayers in the Hindu religion, especially in Shaivism. These seeds are regarded as the prayer beads. The word Rudraksha means the ‘eyes of Shiva’ in Sanskrit. It takes almost 18years for a Rudraksha tree to grow to its full size. These seeds are seen to be covered by a blue outer shell when they are ripe and are often called blueberry beads.

What are the rules for wearing rudraksha?

  • Upon wearing rudraksha, one must not eat onion or garlic at all.
  • If you are wearing rudraksha you should not attend any funeral or visit hospitals, since there are negative energies flowing around.
  • One must not consume alcohol after wearing rudraksha.
  • It must only be touched with clean hands.
  • After removing the this beads or mala every time, you should always wear it after its puja and chanting the name om-namah-shivaye minimum thrice.

How to wear magical and energized Rudraksha?

  • Take your mala or bracelet and keep it in a clean bowl in your prayer room in front of a Shiv ling.
  • Pour Ganga Jal on it and chant the Panchakshari mantra Namah Shivaye.
  • After that apply sandalwood paste and put kumkum on it.
  • Light candles and incense sticks to Shiva.
  • Offer Lord Shiva Naivedyam.
  • Close your eyes and chant prayers to Shiva.
  • After your puja is done, wear the mala around your neck or wrist.

What is the meaning of rudraksha?

It is a Sanskrit compound word which can be broken into two, namely Rudra and Aksa. While rudra is regarded as one of Lord Shiva’s vedic name, aksa means teardrops. Thus, the name Rudraksha means Lord Shiva’s teardrops.There is also another translation of Aksa which means ‘the Eye’, therefore Rudraksha can also be denoted as Eye of Lord Shiva or Eye of Rudra.

What is rudraksha made up of ?

It is a seed of large, broad leaved, evergreen Elaeocarpus tree. These seeds are primarily used in India to chant mantras or even worn as organic jewelleries and malas. They are produced inside a blue hard covered shell. Rudraksha beads are stringed together with a strong thread and made into a mala or bracelet, which one can wear in their neck.

How to clean rudraksha with milk?

These beads or malas can be easily cleaned with the help of milk. These beads can be cleaned by dipping them in the milk and adding ghee and oil into it. Soak them in milk for 24 hours. After that, wipe the seeds with a clean cloth. And do not wash them with water or soap.

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