Some Facts about the Cats Eye Lehsunia gemstone

  October 17, 2016
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The fast-acting Cats Eye is also known as Sutra Mani, Lahsunia, Ketu Ratna, Ketu Gem, Vaiduria, Cyophane or Chrysoberyl. The gemstones colour may be grey, dark green, white, greyish-green, apple green, honey brown, smoky green, black, red, blue rich gold, lemon yellow or greenish yellow.

The gemstone is called Cats Eye because it has a band of light stretching across the surface. This is chatoyance, wherein the colours appear different when perceived from varied angles. The round or oval gemstone may be pellucid or opaque in nature.

Good quality stones are found only at Sri Lanka, China, India, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Tanzania and Colorado (USA). You may go in for a comparison of Cats Eye gemstone prices online, prior to buying a reliable product.

Whom does Lahsunia Benefit?

If your zodiac sign is Pisces, your birth chart is governed by Ketu, another invisible planet like Rahu. The best houses for Ketu are third, sixth, ninth, tenth and twelfth. Astrologers refer to Ketu as the second Mars, or as the Tail (south node) of the Dragon/Demon. Rahu is the north node of the demon. Even if you are a Sagittarian, you will benefit by buying Lahsunya.

Ketu’s Gem is to be donned only for as long as you are a victim of dosha (malefic effects). Some people may find their dosha lasting 18 years too.

Wearing the Cats Eye the Right Way

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Lahsunia is to be embedded onto a gold ring. The stone should stay in contact with your skin always. Dipping it into a mixture of cow’s milk and Gangajal for ten minutes or so, should suffice to purify it. While wearing it on a Sunday morning, two hours prior to sunrise, do not forget to chant, “Aum Ketave Namah” repeatedly. The gemstone should go onto the middle finger of your right hand. Cleanse regularly with soap water and moist cloth.

Identify the Genuine Gemstone

When you buy Cats Eye online, make sure that the surface is marvellously smooth. A high-quality stone will exhibit high specific gravity, as well as sparkling iridescence. There should be anywhere between one and three streaks of light across the surface, easily visible when the stone is held against light.

You should be able to recognize flawed gemstones via their dull appearance, several bands across the surface, holes, dents, uneven shapes, unusual flatness, cracks or cobwebs inside the stones.

Advantages of wearing Lahsunia

If you are a student, your memory, vision, clarity of thought and decision-making powers will improve greatly. Similarly, if you have been suffering from illnesses related to various systems like digestive, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory or endocrine, all through your adult life, you will be finally relieved from them. Even genetic disorders will take a severe beating from this gemstone. In short, you will experience prosperity, good luck, stability and happiness.

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