Suitability of Emerald According to Ascendant Sign or Lagna

  January 6, 2020
Quality Emerald gemstone

Emerald is perhaps one of the prettiest stones bearing a rich green color. It is a clear stone that has 7.5 to 8 hardness on the Mohs scale. Emerald is called Panna in Hindi and is the gemstone for mercury or budh. It is also one of the most expensive stones in the world.

Emerald might be beautiful, but there can be many Negative Effects of Emerald Stone if it does not suit the wearer. Hence in this article, we are going to review the suitability of emerald according to ascendant signs.

Aries- The lord of Aries is Mars. Mercury is not friendly with mars. Hence people of this ascendant are not suited for wearing emerald. However, if some astrologer advises you based on other placements of your chart, you can wear it.

Taurus- Venus and mercury share a friendly relationship. So, Taurus ascendants will greatly benefit from wearing Emerald.

Gemini- Gemini is the sign of mercury it self. So, if your ascendant sign is Gemini, then you must wear the Panna stone. After wearing it, there will be better health and Panna gemstone will be the reason for it.

Cancer- Mercury shares an inimical relationship with Moon. Hence I would recommend that persons who have Cancer ascendant stay away from Emerald gemstone.

Leo- Mercury is very friendly with the Sun. So Emerald stones are believed to benefit the wearer of Leo ascendants. Unless you have other malefic placements that compels you to wear pearl, you can surely wear Emerald. You must keep in mind that you must not wear pearl and Panna at the same time on the same hand.

Virgo- Virgo is ruled by mercury it self. Hence a  Quality Emerald gemstone will help a person with ascendant in Virgo sign. It will help the Virgo find inner peace and will calm the storm that always goes on inside them.

Libra- Libra is a sign of Venus. Venus is a friendly sign to mercury. So, if your ascendant is libra, you can most certainly wear an Emerald gemstone.

Scorpio- Mars is a neutral sign to the planet Mercury and does not share a great rapport. You can wear an Panna gemstone if you are advised by some astrologer to wear it.

Sagittarius- Sagittarius is a planet of Jupiter and shares a so-so relationship with Mercury. However, you can surely put on an this gemstone. It will not affect you adversely.

Capricorn- Saturn shares a neutral relationship with the planet Mercury. So, if you have an ascendant sign in Capricorn, you can go ahead and wear an Panna.

Aquarius- Aquarius is more suited to wearing Panna than Capricorn. It is because Mercury is an airy planet, and the element of Aquarius is air. This makes Aquarius more suited.

Pisces- Pisces is the sign of Jupiter. However, it is a water sign. Mercury is not particularly fond of water. You can wear a Panna, but only if you consult an astrologer first.

Those of you who are wondering where to Buy Emerald stones online at best price, there are several online gemstones that guarantee quality and gives the stones at a very reasonable price. However, make sure that your stone is lab-certified before placing the final order.

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