Taking Care of Gemstones to Get Benefits of Related Planets

  October 28, 2016
Know your Jyotish Gemstones for your planet

What is special about astrological gemstones?

These precious stones are generally known as Jyotish Gemstones. Jyotish is a combination of two words. JYOT refers to light, while ISH refers to God. Thus, Jyotish means Science of Light. Here, the light refers to the spiritual energy emanating from cosmic rays. You should be able to comprehend this by looking through a prism. What do you see? You see the seven colours of light, that is, VIBGYOR (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red).

When you go in for gem therapy, you take the help of these cosmic rays to bring about beneficial changes in your life. It is reiterated that you do not go in for treated stones. Jyotish gems are pure or Satvik in nature. Technical or chemical treatments may enhance their beauty, but diminish purity.

How should you take care of your gemstones?

It is said that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Therefore, whatever kind of gemstone you purchase from vedicratna.com, make sure that you take care of it properly. To illustrate, you should be awarding your preferred precious stone a thorough cleansing at least once a month. This will permit it to retain its glorious charm, as well as reflect brilliant light.

You cannot use harsh cleansing solutions or detergents on gemstones. Do not even opt for the cleaning kits used by jewellers. Instead, go in for a gentle soap solution or a mild detergent. You may even use a solution prepared from your bathing soap/bar. After using a soft and moist cloth, wipe the gemstone dry. Use soft material once again. Your movements must be slow and easy, not rough. You must be extra careful with organic precious stones like natural pearl, red coral, etc. Be patient with emerald gemstone too, for it is less hard in comparison to other precious stones.

In case, you discover that the lustre of a red coral or an emerald has reduced after cleansing, just dab a tiny amount of face cream on the surface. The gemstone will regain its splendour.

Sometimes, the ring requires cleansing too. In case, there is less dirt, drag the ring to the edge of your finger and wipe it off with the aid of a new cotton ear bud.

In case, the ring is terribly dirty, remove the surface dirt with the aid of a new toothbrush. Dip the gentle bristles in a mild soap solution first. For cleansing below the surface of the ring, bring it to the edge of your finger. You may even take recourse to plain and clean water, if you feel the necessity to remove dead skin and dust. This toothbrush can become part of your gemstone cleaning kit.

To conclude, some Vedic astrologers believe that each gemstone should be cleaned on a particular day of the week. Find out!

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