The origin and journey of a pearl

  August 13, 2019
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Pearl is often considered a gemstone. Pearls are the only gemstone created inside a living creature. The value of a pearl can vary dramatically depending upon various factors like size, color, quality. Pearls are available in various colors.

The formation of pearls
We should know the two methods by which pearls can be formed. They can be natural pearls which are derived from nature or made by man. The Natural pearls are made from nacre deposits.

Natural pearls are obtained when an irritant usually a grain of sand or something similar gets deep inside the shell of the oyster, mussel. A fluid is used to coat the substance, upon the layer of this coating, nacre is deposited until a lustrous pearl is formed. The man-made pearls are called cultured pearls.

Oysters that live under the sea are known to grow pearls. Most of the Gemstones need to be cut and then polished enhance and show their beauty, however, pearls do not need this treatment to expose their exquisiteness. There are various kinds of pearls like Tahitian pearl, cultured freshwater pearl, Keshi pearl, Akoya pearl, etc.

The unique South sea pearl gemstone
South sea pearls are white color or silver color pearl gemstone. These are considered as rare, unique and expensive pearls. Generally, they could be larger in size. The south sea pearls come from oysters that live in Australia, China which have fresh and nutrient-rich water. 

The real pearl-cultured pearls
The famous cultured pearls are made of the same material like natural pearls and may take up to seven years to come into existence. Pearl farmers grow cultured pearls. The farmers play a vital role in this process. They make a core of Mussel or Oyster, which form into a substance like the natural pearls. The Pearl farmers also are known for producing cultured pearls which are of right size and shape. Once the pearls are collected, they are cleaned, and some are treated and bleached before they are being converted into beautiful jewelry or ornament.

Price of pearl in the International market
The price depends on various factors. The availability and demand of certain type and shades make a difference in the MotiRatna price in the international market. Currently, Pearl price in India starts from Rs1000 per carat ($15 approx.) and can reach as high as Rs2 lakh per carat ($3075 approx.) and above. Natural pearls have become rare these days. Some of them have even become extinct, because of this scarcity pearls are being more expensive. 

Purchasing pearls online
Buying pearls online has never been as easy as it is now! One has to make sure of the trusted online sites to purchase pearls online at the very best price. From the comfort of our home, we have the choice of selecting a wide variety of pearls. Each pearl type has its own range of price. Understanding the pearl value factor is also important. Freshwater pearls are the least expensive, whereas south sea pearls are highly expensive. Wearing a pearl ornament can enhance the beauty of a woman. From necklaces to bangles, earrings and finger ring a woman can select varieties of ornaments to adorn herself

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