Tigers Eye Gemstone for Achieving Goals in Life

  November 17, 2016
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Have you ever observed the big cat’s eye closely? It is a marvellously rich blend of yellow, gold and brown. You wonder at the mysteries hidden beneath those colours, as you gaze upon the tiger with a mixture of respect, admiration and fear. What is unique about the Tigers Eye gemstone?

Chatoyance is the special quality about this precious stone. This means that when the Tigers Eye is viewed in different lights or observed from diverse angles in bright light, its facets will reveal a fascinating display of varying shades of colour. Can you believe that mere silicon dioxide crystals, which make up Tigers Eye gemstone, serve to be so mesmerising?

Ancient civilizations from Rome, Egypt, other parts of Africa, etc, looked upon the Tigers Eye gemstone with awe, believing that its proximity would only serve to keep evil forces, especially those created through black magic, at bay. Towards this end, they would ensure that the stone remained in touch with their bodies via pendants, rings or necklaces. After all, the Tigers Eye’s magical properties reached out to the very Heavens from the soil. While the skies and the sun represented the spiritual realm, the earth represented the physical realm. The bonding of the two signified a resolution of all problems related to the body and the psyche. The belief has carried over to modern times too, for the gemstone receives similar veneration even today.

How will Tigers Eye obtained from a genuine shop like vedicratna.com help you achieve your life’s goals?

You may not be aware of it, but Kundalini energy resides at the base of your spine. According to Vedic astrology, this refers to primal energy (Shakti) that has been in existence since your birth. However, it remains in a dormant state until awakened. As a result, you begin a wonderful journey of self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment, which leads to ultimate bliss.

It follows that as the Kundalini energy travels upwards, it awakens the important chakras residing in the upper regions of your body. They are the physical (throat), emotional (between the eyes) and mental (crown of the head) chakras. When these chakras are unlocked, you will find all your confidence, self-esteem, optimism, courage, integrity and clarity in thinking returning in full force. Over time, you will attain prosperity and financial stability.

Despite your passion and vivaciousness, you will still remain a down-to-earth person who is capable of taking practical decisions. This is because solar energy moves towards the earth, ensuring that you stay well grounded.

As for health, you need never fear wounds, broken bones, issues with your skin or mind, etc, again. You will be able to heal yourself without panicking.

At the end of it all, you will be able to maintain a superb balance between two extreme forces in the skies and the earth.

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