Tigers Eye is splendid for chakra healing and balancing energy

  December 15, 2016
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The jungle cats may carry ferocious expressions on their faces, but possess the most beautiful pairs of eyes in the world! Just observe the hues present in a tigers eyes, and you will comprehend this for yourself. The Tigers Eye gemstone reveals the same dancing shades of yellow, gold and brown in bright sunlight too.

Secrets of the Tiger’s Eye

When extracted from metamorphic rocks, the gemstone seems rather ordinary in appearance. However, the Just hold the stone up high, against a background of bright light. Alternatively, keep rotating it in your hand and view it from different angles. What do you observe? You will see the white rays of light reflecting off the smooth surface to display a charming network of lustrous colours.

This unique quality of the gemstone led early Egyptians to revere it as a divine solution to all their problems. It was supposed to connect the physical realm (Geb or the Earth God) and the Heavenly realm (Ra or the Sun God) via its mystical properties, and even look after them. Even travellers carried the Tiger’s Eye with them, believing that its healing qualities would keep them safe from illnesses and enemies. Thus, the Tiger’s Eye was a protective stone.

Similarly, when the Ancient Romans were forced to engage in battles, they preferred to carry the engraved gemstones with them. They believed that the enemy was a dark force generating evil all round. The Tiger’s Eye would help them to defeat these evil forces and bring peace to the world.

With regard to Africans, they regarded Tiger’s Eye as an ancient talisman. They were always frightened of black magic. This means that they feared evil spirits, evil actions and negative cosmic vibrations. Keeping the gemstone nearby, when awake or sleeping, would help to negate the adverse effects caused by the dark forces around them.

Tiger’s Eye is Advantageous

It would be good to buy Tiger’s Eye gemstone online from a reputed dealer like vedicratna.com. This way, you will be assured of receiving a genuine and powerful gemstone.

You may feel the need to obtain this gemstone, if your chakras are imbalanced. You may be aware that there are seven invisible chakras within your body, aligned in a straight line, parallel to the spinal cord. Well, the first three chakras are highly important for keeping stressful thoughts and actions at bay.  As your first three chakras receive a new boost of energy, you will find your self-esteem and confidence, perceptive thinking, optimism and courage, integrity and will power returning in full force. This is because the gemstone prompts the dormant Kundalini (shakti/strength) energy resting at the base of your vertebral column to move upwards.

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