Top 10 Benefits of Gomed / Hessonite Gemstone

  November 1, 2019

Rahu is an airy planet that is known for its malefic effects. It is a part of the Navagraha and is also known as the 'north node' of the Moon in Western Astrology. And Hessonite Stone is ruled by Rahu, so it gives shields persons from the evil effects of Rahu.

Rahu is the planet that represents overambition, greed, obsession, manipulation, and pretension in a person. Rahu is a planet that is responsible for immense material gain, but in turn, it can take away your mental peace.

10 Astrological Benefits Of Hessonite stone

As we know that the planet Rahu rules over the Gomed / Hessonite Stone, so, this gemstone gives benefits in relation to Rahu.

Here are the benefits of Hessonite (Gomed):

  1. Gomed stone gives relief from Kaal-Sarpa Dosha. In the Vedic astrology, Kal Sarp dosha is a very inauspicious dosha of the kundali. In the Kal Sarp yoga, all the planets are placed in between Rahu and Ketu. Wearing gomed benefits a person with Kal sarp dosha.
  2. Rahu gives delusional and distorted thoughts and ideas. Wearing Gomed clears delusional thoughts.
  3. Persons who have a malefic Rahu, often suffer from skin disease. Wearing Hessonite clears these skin diseases.
  4. Gomed benefits a person who is related to politics or public relations.
  5. It blesses a person with convincing power and gives a person immense material gain.
  6. Rahu often makes a person abuse drug. Gomed benefits a person by getting him out of addiction.
  7. If you have gastric or stomach related disorders, then you should and must wear a Gomed.
  8. It brings a person with mental peace. It relieves stress and tension from a person's life.
  9. If a person is fighting a legal battle, the Hessonite (gomed) will benefit him by making him win the case.
  10. It removes anxiety, fear, and stress. Gomed will give its wearer a clear power to rationalize and fight with fear.

More Information on Hessonite (gomed)

Gomed is a dark colour stone that has a brownish hue. It can also be maroon-ish in colour. It is an opaque stone and is fairly hard by nature. While buying a hessonite, always make sure that there are no impurities in it.

Who Should Wear Gomed?

In the birth chart, if you have Rahu sitting in one of the evil houses i.e., the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses, you must wear Gomed. However, if you are already wearing a yellow sapphire from before, consult an astrologer before wearing a Gomed.

Note: Rahu is not liked by the Sun, Mars, or Jupiter. Hence, you should never encase this stone in gold. Always make sure that you wear this stone in a ring made of silver. Also, if you are wearing Red Coral, Ruby or moonstone, you should take expert suggestion before wearing a Gomed.

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