Various Types of Rudraksha Beads and their Benefits

  December 23, 2017

Every Rudraksha has a different number of faces/mukhis. These Mukhis appear due to the clefts on the seeds, running from top to bottom. The benefits vary in alignment with the number of Mukhis. Here is how beads possessing Mukhis varying from one to ten work.

• One Mukhi – The very symbol of Lord Shiva, it tends to make you incline more towards the spiritual, rather than towards worldliness. As a result, you become focused, contented, happy, healthy and wealthy. You no longer fear the power of negative forces.

• Two Mukhi – It is a combination of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Therefore, it is a great symbol of unity. Naturally, it brings about improvement in relationships with both, humans and animals. You will find a life partner to your liking.

• Three Mukhi – Lord Agni is the ruling deity, helping you destroy all the sins of the past. You will learn to love and respect yourself, as you discard vague complexes and an inferiority complex. You are energetic and unstressed.

• Four Mukhi – Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, willingly bestows knowledge, the powers of concentration, good memory and creativity upon you. You will be able to study and communicate well.

• Five Mukhi – It is governed by a special form of Lord Shiva, that is, Kalagni. As the bad karmas of this life gradually disappear, you will find yourself becoming calm, meditative and peaceful. Fame and name are all yours!

• Six Mukhi – Lord Kartikeya (second son of Lord Shiva) helps you to increase your will power and improve your powers of self-expression. Over time, you become both, wise and courageous.

• Seven Mukhi – Goddess Maha Lakshmi awards you with all the prosperity and success that you want in life. If you are a businessperson, you will always have good health and wealth. The best part is that you will be protected against the malefic effects of planet Saturn.

• Eight Mukhi – Lord Ganesha is a friend, who will help you to overcome all the obstacles coming in the way of a successful life. He is the lord of stability, happiness and serenity. With his help, you will become a great leader.

• Nine Mukhi – The nine incarnations of Goddess Durga rule over this Rudraksha. As a result, even the thought of death will not worry you. You are fearless, powerful, energetic and dynamic. It follows that you will achieve great success in life.

• Ten Mukhi – Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe, is the ruling deity. Whatever sins you have committed in the past, will all be destroyed. As a result, your family and you will find yourself moving towards happier times. Furthermore, all of you will be safe from evil forces and black magic.

These are but ten types of Rudraksham or spiritual seeds. There are many more, with faces going up to 23 and beyond. Whatever kind of holy bead the astrologer recommends for you, do get it from an authentic dealer, such as

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