Vedic Astrology Gemstone Recommendation

  October 27, 2016
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Right from Ancient Times, gemstones have been awarded as much significance by Vedic astrologists as has been offered by gemmologists and jewellers. They hold as much spiritual appeal as aesthetic appeal. Hence, it becomes imperative to purchase jyotish gemstones from authentic dealers. One such online gemstone shop is

Vedic astrology recommends that you grant importance to the four Cs and other characteristics associated with astrological or jyotish stones.


The shape does not matter as much as the cut. It should be precise and pleasing. In fact, all the facets should be able to reflect light brilliantly. Do remember that light rays bring energy from the cosmos, that is, the universe. This energy is extremely positive in nature. When you wear a well-cut stone, you permit maximum absorption of cosmic energy into your body, mind and soul. Naturally, your quality of life is bound to improve.


The stone should be transparent enough to permit light rays to pass through. This is extremely essential for a jyotish gemstone. In fact, if you were to look at the raw stone obtained from nature, you would see that nature itself has created fine inclusions on it. The laboratory of the gemmologist just redefines these inclusions more clearly. Vedic Science demands that every crystal have a clarity level above 85%.


Do not ever listen to fake people suggesting that the weight of the gemstone should match your body weight. For instance, they may advise you to align one carat with 10 kg of your body weight. Just imagine, if you weigh 100 kg, you will have to purchase a 10-carat gemstone. What will you do if you weigh even more? Such dealers only wish to extract more money from you. Then again, you do not even know if the precious stone is genuine or a duplicate. Therefore, look for a reputed astrologer, who has good knowledge of Vedic astrology. This individual will suggest the ‘carat’ in alignment with the healing stone that you need. Sometimes, even a couple of carats serve to work marvellously.


Genuine gems sparkle, glimmer and shine! You may even opt for diverse shades, based upon what your astrologer advises you. The original location of the stone decides its hues. For instance, an Emerald extracted from a Zambian mine may be vividly green, while a stone brought over from Columbia may exhibit a spring-green shade. Regardless, it is up to you to obtain a stone displaying a purely original colour, with only the slightest hints of other hues.


There should be no artificial treatments undertaken to enhance the appearance, clarity or colour of gemstones utilized for astrological purposes. You will get maximum benefits by donning a 100% natural stone.


Oh yes, there is an aura surrounding every precious stone. You will discover a special attraction between your choice and you, without your even being aware of it.

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