Vedic Astrology with Most Suited Ruby Stone to your Zodiac Sign

  November 3, 2016
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The brilliantly-hued Ruby gemstone has fascinated mankind for centuries. Legends and folklore surrounding its mystical appearance and history have been passed down from one generation to another.

What are the different kinds of rubies?

Although there are several kinds, the following remain the most popular for use as jewellery items and astrological remedies.

The Mogok Valley in Burma yields one of the best qualities of precious stones. The Burmese Ruby is a rich and deep shade of red. Unlike other stones, it displays very few blemishes or marks on its surface.
Next in line is the Thailand Ruby. You will obtain it from mines located in the South-Eastern areas of Bangkok. Since this gemstone contains chromium plus traces of iron, its colour is a much darker shade of red than that of the Burmese Manikya.

The Madagascan Ruby may be obtained from rocks located in Madagascar (Vatomandry region). You should be able to see colours like orange, pink or red highlighted within the stone.

The mines in Tanzania (Songea region) are home to the Tanzanian Manikya. Similar to the Garnet, this precious stone displays hues of purple, red or blue. The strange thing about this stone is that the smaller its size, the greater its value.

The Afghan Ruby is found in the Jagdalek and Badakshan regions of Afghanistan. It is red in colour.
The price of the gemstone may vary, depending upon the cut, clarity, carat and colour. You are bound to obtain genuine bargains at websites like

Which Ruby is most suited to your zodiac sign?

Most people prefer a fiery crimson, in comparison to lighter shades. However, it ultimately depends upon what your experienced astrologer says. Since you are interested in achieving long-lasting benefits, you will have to opt for a stone suited to your zodiac sign. No single Manikya can be stated as suitable for all the people born under the same zodiac sign. After all, every individual is different.

Buy Ruby online it is friendly with planet Sun. In turn, the Sun shares a good bonding with planet Mars. Therefore, the Aries-, Leo- and Scorpio-born, who are governed by planet Mars, should find the Manikya gemstone perfectly suitable for their astrological needs.

If you are an Arian, check if planet Sun is positioned in your 3rd, 5th, 6th or 11th house. If so, you may expect promotions in your government job (if any), enhancement of intellect and positivity, good fortune, wonderful health, prosperity and increase in self-confidence.

If you are Leo, the lion, you may expect the same healthy results, if planet Sun is resident in the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 9th or 11th house in your horoscope.

If you are Scorpio-born, planet Sun may be settled in your 10th house. Apart from general benefits, you may also find your reputation scaling new heights in the community.

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