What is Jyotish Quality Gemstones Recommended for Use

  December 5, 2016
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Right from Ancient Times, people belonging to royal families, nobles, priests and ordinary citizens have believed that these precious stones possessed strange powers that helped to heal, protect and change. Therefore, they were fashioned into amulets, talismans or charms in earlier days. Today, the gemstones are embedded onto open-backed rings that may be worn on specific fingers.

Known as Jyotish gems, these stones display different properties. Some of them are listed here. Do not be worried if you are not familiar with all the names.

  • Amber is obtained from a fossilised form of tree resin. It serves to restore the efficiency of the crown chakra, such that the body’s energy and vitality are recovered too.
  • Garnet is responsible for promoting self-respect and love for others. You find it easy to offer love and commitment to your loved ones. Furthermore, your body’s aura recovers its balance.
  • Amethyst is a representation of inner contentment, peace and strength. As a result, your creative, as well as psychic abilities are enhanced. The gemstone also helps to get rid of addictions.
  • Quartz helps to energise your body’s aura. It is powerful enough to promote harmony within your house and outside it.
  • Rose Quartz too cleanses the chaos within the environment. By removing negative thoughts and reducing emotional pain, the gemstone serves to create an entry for positive energy and tranquillity.
  • Tiger’s Eye will help you manage your financial resources successfully. It also increases psychic abilities and clarity of mind.
  • Turquoise serves to cure problems related with the respiratory and circulatory systems. By encouraging open communication and friendship, it paves a pathway for the birth of creative expression too.
  • Bloodstone, as the name suggests, is splendid for improving the performance of your heart. It ensures improved flow of oxygen through the blood vessels, thereby providing relief from physical and emotional stress.
  • Green Jade will help you attain internal peace, as well as promote harmony within the external environment.
  • Lapis Lazuli is a royal gemstone, serving to enhance vitality and physical strength. You will never face any kind of danger after befriending it.
  • Jasper is great for cleansing the body’s aura and providing protection against enemies. Furthermore, you will be encouraged to promote goodwill towards everybody and love for everything ‘green’.
  • Peridot urges you to let go off jealousies and anger, thereby blocking the entry of negativity. Ultimately, you will discover inner peace.
  • Moonstone provides protection while travelling. It also ushers good fortune into your life.
  • Onyx permits intelligent decision-making. As a result, your life is successful and happy.
  • Obsidian is the “mirror” stone, since it reveals what you truly are. You will be able to address personality issues, and learn the art of forgiving others too.

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