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  November 4, 2017

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Which planet does Blue Topaz represent and where is it found?

If you have been born in the month of December, you may rest assured that the Blue Topaz gemstone is just for you! Yes, it is for Sagittarians, who have Lord Jupiter as their ruling planet. This is the Dev Guru or the Royal Teacher of the astrological Solar System. Naturally, this Heavenly teacher is eager to fulfil the wishes of his most faithful students!

If you should see the semi-precious stone just after it has been extracted from granite and pegmatite deposits, you will be sorely disappointed! This is because it presents such a lack-lustre appearance! The hydroxide/water and fluoride ions, as well as the aluminium silicate within its depths award the stone a white or colourless look. When the raw materials reach the gentle and skilled hands of a gemmologist, they are transformed into sparkling stones through the process of irradiation. This individual will be able to tell you how to make Blue Topaz, without disturbing its original physical and chemical compositions.

What are the facts associated with the Blue Topaz gemstone?

The strength of this stone reaches up to eight on Moh’s Scale of Hardness. Furthermore, you will not find any splits or cracks in a stone that the experienced gemmologist has cut or cleaved skilfully. Surprisingly, although the term ‘blue’ is associated with coolness, this gemstone is fiery and hot! Blue Topaz gemstone means, “tapas”, that is, fire/heat! This is a Sanskrit word, but even the Greeks called it ‘Topazion’.

This is why the Ancient Egyptians linked it to Ra, their Sun God. As a representation of the Ra on earth, the stone encouraged fidelity in relationships. Several other civilisations believed that travellers would not face sudden dangers or enemy attacks, if they kept the stone on their persons. Jewish high priests kept the stone attached to their breastplates. Suffice to say that whoever believed in the benefits of Blue Topaz, would place it on a finger ring or on a necklace. The wearer could avert accidents, deaths, mental illnesses or stress.

One of the best uses of Blue Topaz in astrology is the restoration of the vitality of the thyroid gland. The throat/vishuddha chakra is located here. The gemstone unlocks it, thereby rejuvenating the lost balance and strength of the chakra and the gland. You will find yourself communicating beautifully, both in the written and the verbal form. You will no longer face issues with your digestive, blood circulatory and nervous systems. Sleep disorders, problems with your senses and stress, will all be gone with the wind!

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