Why Yellow Sapphire is Renowned Gemstone in Astrology?

  November 28, 2019
Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Online

In the world of gemology, Yellow Sapphire is respected a lot for its special powers and since generations to generations this stone is recommended. It is said this gemstone is ideal for sun sign like Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter in Hindu is also called as Guru which means teacher therefore people who have the profession of advocates, writers, lawyers and Judges should ideally wear on this gemstone.

Which Yellow sapphire is best?

It is also known as Pukhraj. The best quality ones have little bit of lemony color. According to gemologists Ceylon sapphires are regardless best sapphires in the world.

When should we wear Yellow Sapphire?

It is important to wear Yellow sapphire on Thursday during Shukla Paksh. The accurate timing to wear this gemstone should be from 6am to 8am.

What are the benefits of Yellow Sapphire?

In the world of gemology, this gemstone is respected because of its multiple benefits.

  1. Helps in getting marriage related things solved: - Certainly if there is any kind of doshas, the marriage proposals will not get executed. Wearing this will allow solving such problems.
  2. Helps in cutting down the feeling of being low or depressed: - There could be various situations in life where we might feel low or dull.
  3. Open minded thoughts: - If you are stuck with any kind of situations and need some creative solution at work or personal front, It can give you the blessings of doing innovative things.
  4. Longevity of the person: - If persistent health issues are knocking you down then the gemstone help a lot in cutting down these problems.
  5. Keeps heart problems away: - In order to reap maximum benefits of this gemstone it is important that you keep this gemstone closer to skin. This gemstone is crucial for maintaining your physical health too.
  6. Protects the wearer from accidental death: - This gemstone increases your tendency to be focused. Pukhraj represents it is the interim power of Jupiter that keeps you in best shape.
  7. Cuts down anger: - Be it on personal front or professional relationships, angry nature could simply spoil everything. Wearing gemstone helps to keep your mind calm and cool.

Is Yellow Sapphire harmful?

If the stone has certain level of cracks then it constantly creates a fear for the wearer. If the gemstone is found to be in asymmetrical shapes then it can bad luck to the wearer. Detrimental effects can be observed if the yellow stone has cracked impact. If there are red colored dots on the stone that means it will give bad health to the wearer.

Wearing Yellow sapphire also relates to astrological benefits then to its must to consult expert astrologers before the Dharan of Yellow sapphire.

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