Yellow sapphire gemstone cold in nature

  December 8, 2016
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After all, it glows so brilliantly, giving the impression of a golden-yellow globe, similar to the sun rising high in the Eastern sky. Unlike the warm sun, however, this gemstone nature is cold.

All about the Yellow Sapphire

The gemstone’s bright hues may be attributed to the presence of aluminum oxide within it. As mentioned earlier, the genuine astrological Yellow Sapphire gemstone is lustrous and pure in its appearance. If you wish to test its quality, you may soak the gemstone in raw milk for an entire day and night, and observe what happens. Even after 24 hours, the golden-yellow color remains unchanged. Then again, place Pukhraj on a white cloth and raise the cloth high. As light falls upon the gemstone, its facets will reveal a strong play of colors.

There are just a few places in the world where Yellow Sapphire may be found. These locations include Tanzania, Thailand, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Australia. However, the unheated Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire is much sought after, for it is the best in quality.

Now, like all other astrological gemstones, Pukhraj is associated with a ruling planet too. This planet is Jupiter, the heaviest and largest planet in the astrological Solar System. Jupiter is Dev Guru or the royal teacher for the entire Solar System. If your sun sign is Sagittarius and things are not going too well in your life, you will experience the favorable effects of Yellow Sapphire soon after placing a silver ring embedded with this gemstone on the index finger of your right hand.

Pukhraj will Help You

It would be good to purchase the gemstone from a reliable seller like, instead of from elsewhere. You are sure to obtain a certified Pukhraj rashi ratna or stone. You should be able to observe changes in your personality soon. In fact, you will be amazed by your calmness and composure, even when faced with the most challenging of situations. You are confident that you have the requisite skills and knowledge to tackle everything successfully.

Since Pukhraj stone is the rashi ratna for Guru, you will experience marvelous benefits in your career or business. For instance, as you decide to use your communication skills to build long-lasting personal or official friendships, you will find your decision-making skills also taking intelligent and innovative turns. Yes, you are absolutely clear and confident about what you would like to do, how to achieve completion of tasks, where to go for resources, etc. Even your finance-related decisions are so intelligent that they push you towards personal, as well as organizational prosperity. This is because you have acquired sufficient knowledge to converse with people from varied backgrounds in a wise manner. Do not be surprised, therefore, to see your career or business flourish!

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