Yellow Sapphire helps in The Business and Profession

  January 11, 2018

Do you believe in astrology? There are many people out there who have complete trust on astrology and use gemstones which are just perfect for them. Selection of gemstones depends on your birth date. Yellow Sapphire is one of the most powerful gemstones that many people use. This gemstone is not just beautiful, but also is very powerful. This gemstone represents the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is considered as the most important planet in the solar system and known as the Deva Guru of all planets.

Yellow Sapphire birthstone for Sagittarius is very powerful and represents all the positive energy and powers of the planet Jupiter. The other names given to this planet are Pukhraj and Pushparagam and some of the astrologers also call it as the Peetmani. So many names, but the effect of this gemstone has been always positive, and you will find it really beneficial.

A person who wears this gemstone is going to enjoy a lot of benefits from it. It helps in the business and profession and this is considered as one of the main benefits of this gemstone. Many people also enjoy positive energy levels and good health, fame and name in the society. Yellow sapphire bring peace of mind and you will be able to concentrate on whatever you are doing, which in turn means you will be successful in whatever you do.

How to wear Yellow Sapphire?

Yellow sapphire strengthens Jupiter, but this can be done only when you are using it in the right way. That means, you should be wearing it in the right way. Here is how you should be wearing this gemstone to enjoy the complete benefits of it.

•              The first and foremost thing to take care when you wearing this gemstone is you will have to take care of its weight. Minimum weight of this gemstone has to be 3.25 carats.

•              It has to be worn only on Thursdays and that Thurdays has to be Shukla paksha.

•              You will have to wear this on your right hand on index finger only.

•              Make sure that the gemstone touches your skin when you are wearing it. Only then you will be able to enjoy its benefits.

You buy fascinating yellow Sapphire gemstone from any gem store. But you will have to take care of certain things when you are buying this gemstone.

•              This gem stone is basically in bright yellow in color, but some will have small black dots inside it and you should not buy such gem stones.

•              When the yellow sapphire is having two different shades in it, then that is not the right one for you.

•              When you find some messy web like design or shapes inside the gemstone, you should strictly avoid it.

•              Heat treat gemstones should be avoided. You should always go for untreated natural yellow sapphire in order to enjoy its complete benefits.

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