Yellow Sapphire offers some of the best benefits to its wearer

  October 12, 2016
Pushkaraj online at vedicratna

The gleam of a yellow sapphire is akin to the sun sending out its benevolent rays in all directions. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that this precious stone offers some of the good benefits after its wearer.

It has a Fascinating History

Known as Pukhraj, the yellow sapphire is associated with Jupiter, the largest and heaviest planet in the Solar System. Some people even call this gemstone, Pushparagam or Pushkaraj. It holds an exalted position amongst precious gemstones, for Jupiter is the royal teacher (Devaguru) of all the planets.  The aluminium oxide content within the gemstone is responsible for its yellow colour. It is mainly sourced from Thailand, Sri Lanka, Australia, Madagascar and Tanzania. Regardless of wherever it is found, however, you may purchase the refined and polished Pushkaraj online, right from the comfort of your living room.

YOU can Wear the Gemstone

If this powerful Trine house lord is settled in your ninth house, ignorance and darkness will be dispelled. You will be covered by the clouds of wisdom. It follows that you will talk and behave intelligently, thereby inviting fate to be kind to you and good fortune to smile upon you. Therefore, if you are an Aries-, Scorpio-, Sagittarius-, or Pisces-born, with Jupiter residing in your first, fourth, fifth or ninth house, you may don this gemstone throughout your life. Jupiter residing in the twelfth house is a great sign too, for it will take charge of your expenditure and savings. Do not ever consider Pushkaraj if Jupiter resides in the tenth house, for it can prove malefic for you.

The Proper Way of Wearing Yellow Sapphire

An experienced astrologer will tell you that the weight of the gemstone should be a minimal 3.25 carats. It may go beyond, if you prefer to wear a weighty stone. Do make sure that the embedded stone in your silver ring touches your skin always. Before placing this precious gemstone on your index finger on an auspicious Thursday morning (when it is dawn), dip it in cow’s milk or the holy water of the Ganges (Gangajal) for some hours. Do cleanse the stone regularly, or its healthy effects will be reduced.

Identifying the Real Stone

You will have nothing to fear if you buy yellow sapphire from Yes, this is the place to go to if you are confused about where to buy yellow sapphire. You will know that you have obtained a genuine gemstone via its pure, deep golden colour. There is no tinge of orange on it. The yellow colour will not change even after being dipped in milk for 24 hours or more. Another test is to hold it up in bright sunlight, while placed on a white cloth. The facets will show up as yellowish hues.

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Yellow Sapphire?

If you are a female, you will be married soon and enjoy a joyous married life. If you are a male, you will get a spouse who matches your requirements perfectly. Both genders will also derive benefits, such as good knowledge and educational qualifications, great verbal skills, healthy familial relationships, public fame, financial stability and divine blessings.

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