Yellow Sapphire: - True gemstone to end every problems

  February 17, 2017
Pukhraj Stone

Yellow sapphire also known as the Pukhraj Stone is a gem proposed for planet Jupiter. Being the largest and heaviest among all planets in our solar system, Jupiter is considered as the Guru or the educator of all heavenly bodies prevailing in our universe. Although Yellow Sapphire accounts for its amicableness for all the type of people, it strongly favors towards Sanitarians and Pisces zodiac signs. The gem holds the highest position among all gems and represents the positive aspects of Jupiter comprising the dominant colors of wisdom, wealth, fortune and spirituality. The yellow tinted gemstone reflects the amity and generosity of the Sattvik planet.

Buy yellow sapphire gemstone online Its endows infinite number of benefits to its wearer. It derives quick wealth to its wearer. It brings good luck, fortune and an open sea of opportunities. The stone does not enhance your physical appearance but helps in curing or immunizing against extremely serious diseases.

A yellow sapphire should be worn in the ring finger of the right hand to invite surplus number of benefits that the stone offers. The stunning yellow sapphire should be paired with either gold or diamond ring. The stone can be embedded in gold or in diamond in a way that it touches the skin of its user to channelize its powers in life.

The captivating yellow sapphire stone can be spotted in various parts of the world. Russia is considered to be one of the major suppliers of this stone. Brazil is another supplier of yellow sapphire. It is known to originate the best quality of yellow sapphire. Rhodesia, Japan, Mexico, England and Sri Lanka are also the leading producers of the gem. The Ceylon or the Sri Lankan yellow sapphire is world famous.

A real yellow sapphire will seem heavy when kept in hand for a while. It is crystal clear and the piece of stone is large and without layers. It is soft and glib. The color appears like yellow oleander and the color improves when scrubbed against wall or touchstone.

Differences in the quality of yellow sapphire gemstone bring differences in its price. The gem is categorized into four types based on the quality parameter, namely, yellow sapphire standard grade, yellow sapphire fine grade, yellow sapphire premium grade, yellow sapphire super premium grade.

You can also clean yellow sapphire with clean soft brush. Luminous advantage of yellow sapphire is could bring in prosperity. It is important that you buy this gemstone for certified online store.  Generally yellow sapphire is known as Jupiter. Expert’s astrologers also state it brings in spiritual orientation. It helps physical health well being of heart diseases, cough and fat. In terms of marital bliss also it helps maintaining good relationship. It helps in maintaining good relationship.

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