Yes Cats Eye the gemstone is known as Lahsuniya too

  December 16, 2016
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Cat’s Eye seems a rather strange name for a gemstone, because the animal itself has never been deemed auspicious for any event. Regardless, you can take comfort in the fact that the name merely relates to the appearance of the gemstone. It has nothing to do with the qualities or characteristics of the domestic/wild cat!

Some Specifics about Lahsuniya

The oval- or round-shaped gemstone rates an amazing 8+ on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness, pointing towards its durability and ability to remain scratch free.

However, you would be even more astonished if you were to peruse the natural Cat’s Eye stones displayed online for sale. You would be simply overwhelmed by the range of hues on display. The gemstone is available in black, grey, white, lemon yellow, rich gold, greenish yellow, blue, red, apple green, dark green, greyish-green, smoky green or honey brown! Just hold the stone in your hand against bright light or view it from varied angles. You will witness several of the shades illustrated above. This is because the unique precious stone has one, two or three stripes stretching right across its smooth surface. These glowing light bands are akin to the glowing eye of a cat. The phenomenon is referred to as chatoyance.

True, there are several websites where you can find this gemstone. However, if you desire to buy a Cat’s Eye (Lahsuniya) stone online, you should always go to a reliable website, such as Otherwise, you may end up with a gemstone displaying subtle flaws. For instance, the surface may be flat or uneven. Then again, you may find tiny cracks or dents at odd places. Sometimes, the stone is not as lustrous as it should be.

Cat’s Eye Challenges Ketu

Are you wondering what Ketu is? Well, it is an invisible or shadowy planet, which can prove troublesome for you, especially if your birth date falls in the months of February, March, November or December. You will have to use the Cat’s Eye stone to nullify the ill effects of Ketu, for they last anywhere between 7 and 18 years. You will be glad to know that you may discard the gemstone, once planet Ketu abandons you for good. You need not wear this precious stone for life.

If the planet’s position in your natal chart is not advantageous for you, you may experience all manner of acute or chronic health issues. They may relate to your digestive, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular or musculoskeletal systems.

Once you befriend the gemstone, you will discover an amazing clarity in your thought and vision. Even your memory is bound to improve. As you gain greater self-awareness, you move towards greater confidence.

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