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Buy Feroza Turquoise Gemstone Online it’s a birthstone for Sagittarius

The turquoise gemstone is a beautiful and serene shade of blue or bluish-green in colour. Therefore, it is also referred to as the Firoza gemstone. The hues may be attributed to the presence of phosphate mineral within it.

Facts about Turquoise

The name is derived from the French language. Pierre turquoise is another phrase for Turkish stone. It has been worshiped since Ancient Times as a symbol of strength, protection and clarity. In fact, it was revered as the God of the Sky. Natives Americans used the Firoza to gain direction to their burial sites.

The gemstone may be extracted from varied locations across the globe, such as parts of Australia, Iran, China, Tibet, Utah, Northern Chile, Virginia, California, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Sinai and Afghanistan.

Feroza is a hard stone, whose quality is adjudged according to its cut, carat, clarity and colour. The best samples come from Iran and the U.S. The Feroza price in India is decided in alignment with the quality of the gemstone. The brighter the stone, the more expensive it is bound to be. Yet, you will find the price affordable if you buy turquoise online from a genuine storekeeper like

How to Wear a Firoza Gemstone

Are you a Sagittarian or a Piscean? Then, according to Indian Astrology, the turquoise gemstone is best for you. This is because Firoza stone strengthens Jupiter, your ruling planet. Do ensure that your stone is pure in colour and has not been subjected to harsh chemical or heat treatments.

Request your astrologer to suggest the correct carat for your gemstone. The stone must be embedded onto a silver ring. Once this is done, the stone must be left soaked in Gangajal or a mixture of raw milk, pure honey and pure water for some time. It has to be worn on the ring finger of the right hand, early on Friday morning. Actually, the finger does not matter, for it is a semi-precious stone. However, do follow the astrological turquoise wearing procedure, in order to receive maximum benefits.

Astrological Benefits for Turquoise Gemstone

It is often regarded as a perfect representative of positive male and positive female powers, especially when willpower is enhanced and depression is removed. You become wiser and gain greater understanding about self and about others. Furthermore, when you don this precious stone, you will find your heart filling up with forgiveness. Yes, you find it easy to forgive self for past mistakes and think brightly about the future. As a result, your lamentations and grief will end, making you enjoy every moment of your present life.

The Feroza gemstone keeps you safe from the adverse effects of pollution, viruses and acidity. Your brain, neck, eyes and throat remain well protected. If you suffer from speech disorders, go in for this gemstone without hesitation.

In short, Firoza gemstone is marvellous for balancing emotions, removing stress and stressors from your life, restoring positive energies that had been lost, enhancing spirituality, and discarding unnecessary fears and complexes.

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