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Navagraha stone strengthens all nine planets and bring positive effect

According to Vedic astrologers, there are nine planets (grahas) in the astrological Solar System. These planets are not the same as those witnessed in the astronomical Solar System. Hinduism awards great importance to the nine grahas, believing that their ruling deities influence human lives to a tremendous extent.

Each graham has its favourite gemstone, which becomes responsible for bringing about magical changes in your life, provided you befriend it. Collectively, these nine gemstones are known as the Vedic Navagraha gemstones or Navratnas.


As per Navagraha astrology, the central place in the Solar System is occupied by the Sun God or Lord Surya. He takes charge of all those born under the sun sign Leo. Have a sparkling Ruby studded onto a gold ring and wear it. The Sun God presides over Sundays.


The lovely Pearl embedded on a silver ring is perfect for you, if you are a Cancer-born. The Moon God or Lord Chandra presides over Monday.


If you are born under the sun signs Scorpio or Aries, you had better opt for the shining Red Coral studded onto a gold or silver ring. Known as Lord Mangal, this fierce planet presides over Tuesday.


Also known as, Lord Budh, this planet favours the mesmerising Emerald. If you are a Gemini-born or a Virgo-born, buy this Navagraha stone from a genuine dealer like and have it embedded on an open-backed silver or gold ring. Lord Budh is most active on a Wednesday.


Lord Brihaspathi presides over Thursday and is the governing planet of those born under the sun signs, Pisces and Sagittarius. Yellow Sapphire is your lucky gemstone. Have it embedded onto a gold ring. Planet Jupiter’s favourite day is Thursday.


Planet Venus or Lord Shukra favours the scintillating Diamond, a superb example amongst the nine most precious gemstones set. If you are Taurus-born or Libra-born, wear a gold ring embedded with this gemstone. The planet favours Friday.


This is Lord Shani, who is generally feared as a troublemaker, who brings misery and grief into your life. However, this slowest-moving planet has a kind heart too. If you are Capricorn-born or Aquarius-born, wear a lustrous Blue Sapphire studded onto a silver or gold ring. Worship Him on a Saturday.


A shadowy and invisible planet, Rahu is the head of the dragon with a tail. The malefic effects of this planet may be driven away by wearing a glistening Hessonite gemstone studded onto a silver ring. His favourite day is Saturday. All zodiac signs may be affected adversely.


As the tail of the dragon, planet Ketu is an invisible, shadowy planet too. His malevolence may be reduced by donning the hypnotic Cat’s Eye. It must be embedded onto a silver ring. Ketu’s favourite day is Tuesday. He is impartially malefic towards all zodiac signs.

Although the Navagrahas (Navaratnas) price in India may vary from gemmologist to gemmologist, there is no denying that great benefits accrue to the wearer of a Navagraha stone.

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