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You need not depend only upon the remedies offered by scintilla tingly colourful gemstones when confronted by evil forces around you. You may opt for rudraksha beads too, since they prove to be equally powerful shields against negative energies troubling you.

Rudraksha Beads

The term ‘Rudraksha’ has a deep connection with the third eye (most potent expression of cosmic energies) of Lord Shiva, when He is in the Rudra form. This divine representation of God is often viewed as the pathway to help the wearer move from the Earthly lower self to the Heavenly higher self.

If you desire to own a bead of the highest quality, it would be best to buy Rudraksha online from a reputed dealer like Obviously, you cannot make your way to a specific altitude on the Himalayan Ranges to obtain it. This refers to the seed found in the fruit growing on a Rudraksha (Elaeocarpus ganitrus) tree. Other locations like certain regions of the Western Ghats (South India), Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia, Burma, etc, also yield this beads. The Rudraksha price in India may vary, in alignment with its quality.

Different Types of Rudraksha Beads

When you look at a bead closely, you will observe clear clefts (mukhis) on its surface. Their number may range from one to 21. Different rewards are experienced in accordance with the number of clefts on the Rudraksha bead. For instance, it is believed that if you go in for a one-faced/cleft bead, your energy levels increase to a tremendous extent. Your thoughts and behaviour are incompatible with others in the group/crowd.

Similarly, there is the five-faced Rudraksha, which promises overall well being, both physically and mentally. The six-faced bead permits you to stay focused and serene. Even a child can wear a Rudraksha mala, just like an adult. It should come as no surprise to anyone then that Ancient monks and yogis loved to wear a necklace comprising of these beads. They were able to meditate for long periods, with complete concentration. Their behaviour, no matter the circumstances, remained tranquil always. Anyone desiring to enter the spiritual path finds grace by wearing Rudraksha pieces.

Gauri-Shankar Rudraksha is a special kind of bead. It brings about a superb balance between the two channels lying on either side of your spinal column, through which the life forces circulate. The left channel is Ida, which is as cold and white as the moon. It takes charge of feminine qualities. The right channel is Pingala, which is red and hot, similar to the sun. It is in charge of masculine qualities. Regardless of what gender you actually are, if the Ida/Pingala is more prominent, feminine/masculine qualities will predominate. Thus, when this bead brings about a balance between the two channels, you learn to think and behave sensibly in your life. Every area of your life will prosper.

The several benefits offered by Rudraksha include restoration of balance in your dietary habits and sleep patterns, enhancement of energy and driving away of evil forces from your life.