Natural Cultured peals

The formation of pearls

It is very interesting to study the beginning of pearls that we use as a jewellery to flaunt. It is the most cherished possession that is loved and adored for its simplistic look. More than a jewel it is a legacy that can be bestowed from generation to generation. It is like a gift from the ocean below. All the other gems are found in the land but only the pearl is known to come from the blue depths that are unknown to us. You may ask the question, are the pearls considered as gems?  Yes undoubtedly pearls are grouped in the category of the gems because they are special and costly like the gemstones and all pearls are not round. They are available in oval and misshapen forms.

Even so we know the exact process of how a pearl is made. It is formed by a simple dust like particles that get trapped inside a shell causing an irritant in it. To stop the irritant the shell creates a layer called as the nacre. This is how the pearl comes to existence to amaze us. Let’s see the different types of pearls that are available for you.

 All Types of pearls

Nature pearls: These pearls were found near the gulf of Persia many centuries before. The pearls were harvested already therefore the natural pearls are really rare and difficult to get.  There are tiny natural pearl available in some of the jewellery shops. They are priced really high.

Cultured pearls It is the pearl raised in a farm. A pearl farmer will surgically implant a mother-of pearl-bead inside the mollusc. Then they are returned to water and taken care of where it grows in to a pearl. They will not be of high quality sometimes and not all pearls look the same.

Saltwater pearls: These pearls are known as the Akoya pearls and found in the waters of Japan and China. They are usually seen in sizes 2mm but sometimes they are also found in size 10mm. They are round in shape and they are formed in the natural colours like white or cream. They are imported to the other countries. The brand Mikimoto is a world famous Pearl.

South sea pearl: This pearl is acquired in the areas of Philippines, Indonesia and Australia. This is the largest of all pearls. They are found in the gorgeous white, cream and golden colours.

Tahitian pearl: These pearls have the natural colour of blue, green, grey, and purple. They are really striking to see and have a large demand in the market. They have the natural colours and are considered most stylish because they are fashioned in to pearl necklaces.

Fresh water pearls: It is found in the rivers, ponds and other water resources near china. They resemble the Akoya pearls but they lack the bead nucleus but have the tissue that makes it thicker than the cultured Akoya.

Pukhraj good fortune

The light yellow color of this gemstone becomes the centre of attraction in yellow sapphire.  Generally the cosmic rays transmitted for this gemstone gives the positive aura of the planet Jupiter. Throughout the years, the yellow sapphire is recommended by the expert astrologers for the people willing to have benefits of fortune from Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gems stone like.

  1. Getting into marital bliss: - Due to the dosha to things could not get materialized in maritial matters. The dharan of 2 carat yellow sapphire ring is good for females as this stone removes all the hurdles.
  2. High end energetic and optimistic level: - Sometimes due to various problems we do get surrendered by stress or pessimistic thoughts. The dharan of yellow sapphire gemstone could help in regaining energies and positivity’s back in life. Yellow Sapphire price is unmatched and feasible on the online store. With just simple clicks you could order yellow sapphire online.


Here are some greatest differences between the Bangkok and cylone mine yellow sapphire stone.

  1. When you neatly observe the texture of Bangkok pukhraj you will find them to be polished whereas the cylone mine yellow sapphire stone as they are mined and are costly in nature.
  2. The Bangkok ones are relatively cheaper and compared to the cylone ones.

Best pukhraj yellow sapphire is also connected with the fortunes and therefore it could also give you immense fortune. Even if your travel is stuck from longer period of time, this gemstone could truly do all that wonders. The wearer of this gemstone is always blessed with innovative things. The prime benefits of this gemstone are that there are no restrictions of the age even the students willing to excel could wear this gemstone.


In health too, the dharan of the gemstones could bring you immense benefits. Often people facing problems of digestion, the dharan of this gemstone could work wonders. It is equally important to respect and follow proper instructions for wearing, with good fortune this gemstone is well known to bring in desired wealth to the wearer. This gemstone is also vital in increasing the longevity of the person and therefore this gemstone should be properly maintained and should be cleaned with soft brush. The yellow sapphire could only bring in desired effects if worn with the contact of skin. This gemstone is also known to keep all the heart problems away. Usually according to your rashi, birthday and time this gemstone is advised to you by expert astrologers, therefore before buying do take proper consultations. The yellow sapphire could be also worn in form of jewelry and must buy for people willing to have spiritual connect in life.

Summary - Usually the light yellow color does attracts the attention in yellow sapphire. The Bangkok pukhraj are polished and cheaper compared to cylone ones that are less polished and expensive in nature. Yellow sapphire is bound to give you materialistic benefits, good fortune and in particular there is no age criteria for wearing up this gemstone.

the ruby wonderful benefits

The bedazzling Ruby gemstone is the epitome of love and passion, courage and self-confidence, and good health and vitality! However, it is imperative that if you are keen to utilise it for astrological benefits, a genuine stone must come into your hands. The ruby gemstone may only be supplied by an authentic dealer, someone like, for instance.

What do we know about Ruby gemstone?

Ruby stone Manik is extracted from several mines across the globe, including India, Colombia, Cambodia, Japan, Brazil, and so on. However, there is nothing to beat the specimens found in the mines lying in Mogok Valley, Upper Myanmar. The rich colours and smooth textures of the stones suggest that it is here that you will find the best quality Ruby in the world!

This navratna has an astounding hardness of 9.0 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness! It stands next only to Diamond and Moissanite! As for its glorious shades of colour, the aluminium oxide, chromium, etc, which are within the raw material, are responsible for them. Probably, this is why the African Ruby stone is rapidly rising in popularity. Its hues range from purplish to dark-red. Apart from the fact that this specimen is available in different sizes, it also displays perfect transparency, translucency or opaqueness.

What are some of the benefits of wearing a Ruby gemstone?

Before proceeding to answer this question, it would be best to discuss, whom this gemstone favours most. Since it is closely linked to planet Sun in the astrological Solar System, this navratna exhibits partiality towards people born under the sun signs of Leo, Aries and Scorpio. At the same time, it is not necessary that the position of the ruling planet be necessarily weak in every individual coming under the umbrella of the above-mentioned zodiac signs. The astrologer will take a keen look at the person’s birth chart, specifically the third, fifth, sixth, ninth and eleventh houses. If these houses are rather weak, it becomes imperative to go for the Ruby. Sometimes, Geminians and Pisceans require its help too.

The Manik or Ruby serves to bring positive changes in personality, along with the development of good health. It follows, therefore, that financial stability will become an integral feature of your life too.

What should you check for, prior to a purchase?

Go for the four Cs, which stand for carat, colour, cut and clarity. If you are confused, expert and reliable gemmologists are more than willing to help you choose! Note that every gemstone does have some inclusions in it, albeit minimal in nature. Even if your Ruby gemstone has undergone some treatments, provided they have no link with heat/harsh chemicals, and have not altered the physical and chemical compositions of the stone, you need not worry. You are welcome to buy Ruby gemstone at its price per carat online, and use it for your betterment.

The Emerald Benefits

Cleopatra of Ancient Times loved the Emerald gemstone! In fact, it often seemed as if she was a walking display of the best quality Emeralds in the world! Obviously, a woman’s fascination with this bewitching Navratna has been in existence for years and years. In those days, however, the demand was in alignment with jewellery items. Today, its value has gone up even more. This is because Vedic astrologers have demonstrated the stone’s tremendous benefits for specific zodiac signs.

Why are people so fascinated by the emerald (Panna) gemstone?

The mesmerisingly cool, greenish hues of the precious stone immediately bring to mind the diversity of colours exhibited by Mother Nature’s gifts to humankind! These hues were responsible for Sanskrit-speaking people to refer to Emerald as Marakata (the green of growing things). The Europeans referred to it as Smaragdus in earlier times, translating it to Esmaeraulde/Esmaraidus/Esmaralda in modern times.

The parent of the Emerald is Beryl. It is one of the costliest minerals in the world! Panna/Emerald, which is extracted from it, displays a superb reflection of greenish shades, thanks to the presence of chromium and vanadium in it! You should go for the

What kind of an Emerald should you choose for receiving astrological benefits?

To begin with, it should be damage-proof and scratch-proof. This is possible, because this gemstone is one of hte hardest minerals in the world. Then again, a natural and untreated stone, minus unsightly black dots on its smooth and shining surface, is the best Emerald gemstone. You should be able to comprehend via its marvellous transparency and clarity. The best Emerald colour is a bewitching light-green (not dull or faded) or a scintillating dark-green. A stone with such perfect features is available only at genuine shops, such as

Gemmologists obtain the Panna from diverse mines across the globe, including the Cleopatra Mines in Egypt. Nonetheless, many buyers hanker after the Colombian Emerald gemstone, despite its out-of-the-world pricing! This is because this product of the Muzo Mines, Republic of Colombia, exhibits excellent and flawless qualities. It is your good fortune that that Vedic astrology does not insist upon high-priced gemstones, but only on genuine stones!

What are the benefits of befriending the Panna?

When your astrologer suggests that you buy Panna gemstone online, it is because he/she has perceived that the position of planet Mercury is weak in your horoscope. Only this particular gemstone can bring about a positive change in this scenario. In fact, ‘green’ is synonymous with tranquillity, peace and balancing of emotions. It also represents eternity, wherein there is continuation of generations, similar to what occurs in the natural environment. Best of all, the gemstone is linked to the heart chakra, which is the house of love and harmony.

Virgoans and Geminians, whose birthstone is the Panna, should find it highly useful for improving cognitive functions and communication skills.

Emerald Mercury Gemstone

The colour, ‘green’ always manages to gladden the eyes and the heart! It suggests new growth, regeneration and renewal, peace, harmony and unconditional love. It also suggests exuberance and youthfulness. Probably, this is why everyone loves the Emerald gemstone, since it displays all the magical shades of green in all their glory!

What lies behind the beauty of the Panna?

Panna is the Indian name for Emerald. In earlier times, when Sanskrit was a popular language, the gemstone received the label of Marakata, the green of growing things. The Europeans preferred to call it Smaragdus.

The gemstone is the green variety of one of the most expensive minerals in the world, Beryl. In other words, Panna is a beryllium aluminium silicate mineral containing traces of vanadium and chromium within it. As a result, you should be able to witness the precious stone displaying diverse shades, ranging from blue-green to yellow-green. However, the best Emerald gemstone is the one displaying a pure and lush green colour. Its tone may range from medium to dark.

What facts have been discovered about Emerald stone until now?

Astonishingly, the Emerald has been a source of both, reverence and fascination, for more than 6,000 years! If you could travel back in time to 4,000 B.C., you would have found it in the marketplaces of Babylon! The Incas, an Ancient tribe in Peru, as well as the Chaldeans, awarded a divine importance to the precious stone. They believed that there was a beautiful Goddess existing within it! It helped that the Emerald was one of the hardest minerals ever known to humankind, safe from damages and scratches.

Even in Egypt, people believed that the Panna was a symbol of eternal life and youthfulness. In fact, the Egyptians accepted it as a gift from the God of Wisdom, Thoth. Queen Cleopatra adored Panna stones so much that she remained ‘draped’ in them until the end of her life! Her love for them inspired Upper Egypt to name the mines from where they were extracted, as Cleopatra’s Mines. Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Charlemagne, and the Moguls loved to buy Emerald gemstones too. It was possible to see the stone on display as a talisman or royal jewel, or adorning a crown. In modern times, the rich and famous go for the Panna, more than they do anything else!

Is the Emerald stone expensive?

Yes, indeed, per carat Emerald price is not affordable for all. Yet, if you desire to attain maximum astrological benefits from it, you will have to be ready to shell out some money. You cannot make do with synthetic, treated, lab-created or imitation stones. If you should buy Emerald gemstone at a price per carat online from an authentic dealer (such as, you are bound to find wisdom, clairvoyance, contentment and tranquillity making entries into your life.

Yellow sapphire health benefits

The Yellow Sapphire has several names, including Pukhraj, Pushkaraj and Pushparagam. It is much revered, since it is governed by the heaviest and largest planets in the astrological Solar System. This is Jupiter, generally admired as the Royal Teacher or Devguru. Naturally, when you plead with this precious stone to resolve all the personal or professional/business problems that you have been facing in life, planet Jupiter comes to your rescue!

All about the Yellow Sapphire

The marvellously deep golden hues or strong and fine yellowish colour is the hallmark of a genuine Yellow Sapphire. The aluminium oxide present within its depths is responsible for the fascinating shades. The precious stone may be found in the mines of Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Madagascar, Australia, etc. However, its origin does not matter. What matters is the fact that you must obtain the best quality Yellow Sapphire, in order to extract maximum astrological benefits from it. Towards this end, it is imperative that you approach a genuine seller, whether offline or online. To illustrate, is a reputed shop, which has been in existence for long, and is the best place to buy Yellow Sapphire.

Do you need the Yellow Sapphire?

Yes, you do, if you have been born under the zodiac umbrella covering Pisces, Aries, Sagittarius or Scorpio. At the same time, it is not necessary that every single person born under any of these signs should necessarily adopt the Pukhraj! Find out from your astrologer, if the position of planet Jupiter, that is, the Trine House lord is weak in the first, fourth, fifth ninth or twelfth house of your birth chart, first. However, avoid this gemstone, if planet Jupiter is residing in the tenth house, even if he is not very strong.

When you obtain the best Pukhraj/Yellow Sapphire in the world, you will discover that the clouds of ignorance and darkness that have been influencing your life thus far dispel quickly. As a result, you will grow in intelligence and intellect, wisdom and communication skills. Your personal and professional/business relationships will be fantastic!

Cheap is not Always Good

Bangkok and Ceylon stones tend to be popular across the globe. In fact, the price of Bangkok Pukhraj stone may astonish you with its affordability! However, remember that you desire it for receiving rewards from a higher entity in the skies. It should be able to absorb the powerful cosmic rays emanating from planet Jupiter, and pushing them into the inner depths of your body. Only an authentic Yellow Sapphire, regardless of cost, will bring about the necessary results.

The precious stone, available in the Bangkok marketplace, tends to be a processed and treated one. It is something that has arrived from some part of the world, not mined in Bangkok. Therefore, you feel stunned by its scintillating appearance! In contrast, the Ceylonese is extracted from the bowels of the earth. It is not compatible with harsh chemicals, heat, etc. Only gentle treatments, which leave the physical and chemical compositions intact, come into play here.

pukhraj stone magical benefits

As it is, the Sapphire is a resplendent gemstone! Grant it a beautiful yellow colour, and it becomes as glorious as the brilliant sun that spreads its light over the entire world!

The Best Pukhraj/Yellow Sapphire

Since you desire it for obtaining astrological benefits, and not as an addition to a jewellery item, you should go for a genuine precious stone. Such a stone is available with an authentic dealer, both offline and online. One such is You will be able to verify its authenticity via its fine and strong yellowish hues or deep golden shades. Yes, you do obtain the gemstone in medium and light shades too, but it is best to stay away from them. Avoid stones with tinges of orange on them, too. You may not achieve the desired results with them. Note that the aluminium oxide, which is present within the raw material, is responsible for the yellow colour.

Befriend a Genuine Pukhraj

As for its shape, the stone may have round, oval, cushion or emerald cuts. Ensure that there are no cracks or black inclusions on the stone. Just place the stone on a white cloth and hold it up against bright sunlight or bright light. The facets show up beautifully in the form of glorious yellow rays! Another way to test authenticity is to keep the stone dipped in raw milk for 24 hours. It will not change its colour even an iota!

In general, a two-carat Yellow Sapphire on a ring should suffice to award moderate astrological benefits. However, Vedic astrologers prefer to go in for a stone weighing 3.25 carats, for they feel that the weightier stone provides excellent rewards. In fact, you may even go for something even heavier. Whatever it is, just make sure that you put your ring and stone through a purification ritual, prior to placing it on the index finger of the right hand. The dawn of a Thursday is most auspicious for the job.

Two Famous Stones

Now, there are two types of Yellow Sapphires, which are world famous. However, you would do well to know the difference in Bangkok and Ceylon Mines Yellow Sapphire stones, prior to purchasing any of them. The former gemstone is not mined from the earth, while the latter is extracted from the bowels of the earth. In fact, Bangkok merely processes and treats gemstones that arrive there from diverse geographical locations across the globe. Ceylon (Sri Lanka) leaves the raw materials untreated and untouched. Therefore, you may find the stones in different colour combinations. They tend to sustain damage easily, making it difficult to polish them vigorously, or subject them to heat/chemical treatments. Regardless, because of its rarity, a lemon-yellow Yellow Sapphire from Sri Lanka commands a higher price than the lustrous and cheaper Bangkok stone. Thus, the Yellow Sapphire price varies in alignment with its natural, unnatural or synthetic appearance.

Summary: Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj is the best friend of the royal teacher of the astrological Solar System, Jupiter or Devguru. So order this stone easily through our website without any hassle.

Blue sapphire Wonderful benefits

Blue Sapphire Offers Wonderful Benefits to the Wearer

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The most valuable stones in the world are Diamond, Emerald, Blue Sapphire and Ruby. Nonetheless, the Blue Sapphire seems to hypnotise the mind and eyes to such an extent that you desire to possess it at the earliest. Now, if you want it only for enhancing the beauty of your jewellery items, it is fine. However, if you wish to possess it for gaining astrological benefits, think twice, even thrice!

About Blue Sapphire

Why do people feel so much trepidation when linking up with this particular gemstone?

The fear arises from a tremendous fear of planet Saturn. Hindus refer to this planet as Shani Dev. He is slow in his movements while traversing his path in the astrological Solar System. However, he is extremely quick to reward or punish human beings, who seek his favours. This is because planet Saturn expects you to adhere to a Code of Conduct that he has designed specifically for all individuals to follow from their births to their deaths.

As per this Code, you must remain devoted to our parents, as well as other elders in the family, for your entire life. You should not find this difficult to do, if you have sufficient patience. In fact, you should make discipline, penance and diligence integral parts of your character. Then, you are bound to emerge a wonderful winner in life!

Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire

If you are governed by the sun signs, Capricorn and Aquarius, you may readily befriend Neelam/Blue Sapphire, for it is your birthstone. Regardless, there is no harm in double-checking with a qualified Vedic astrologer, especially if you are filled with apprehension/confusion. Sometimes, you need the assistance of this gemstone even if your zodiac sign is Libra, Scorpio or Virgo. This is because the position of planet Sapphire is weak in your horoscope, and needs to be strengthened.

As mentioned earlier, if Shani Dev is pleased with your behaviour, he will ensure that your physical and mental capacities increase beautifully! You will find it easy to make decisions, use your imagination, set goals, etc. Naturally, you will remain stress-free, thereby leading to healthy personal and professional developments.

The Genuine Stone

There is no denying that Blue Sapphire is an expensive gemstone. Therefore, plenty of frauds will strive to dupe you, offering imitation, synthetic, lab-created or treated specimens. They will not work for you! Ensure that you approach a genuine shop, such as, for instance, while purchasing the stone that you need. True, the price will depend on per carat of the Blue Sapphire. Nonetheless, you will have to go for a specimen that weighs anywhere between three and six carats. You cannot afford to cut down on the weight, since you desire the stone for a divine purpose.

Although several locations, including India, offer glorious gemstones, the African Blue Sapphire is becoming rapidly popular across the globe. Originating in Mozambique, Madagascar and Kenya, it has great colour saturation, is 100% natural, and reaches your doorstep without being subjected to harsh heat/chemical treatments.

Summary: Blue sapphire not only looks amazing but has amazing benefits too so order this and wear this and it will bring lots of good luck and positivity in your life.

sahasrara chakra

Humankind has always been fascinated by the mystical gemstones extracted from the bowels of the earth. Apart from their beautiful appearance, many of them seem to possess marvellous healing properties too. This is not mere superstition, for these facts have been mentioned in the Ancient Hindu Scriptures too. Even Ayurveda, the traditional method of healing in India, has been known to use natural gemstones to prepare medicines. They include Pearl, Red Coral, Diamond, etc. The Navratnas (nine gems) are also believed to restore the harmony of chakras.

What are sahasrara chakra ?

According to Vedic astrology and traditional Indian medical practitioners, your body comprises of seven energy centres. These centres are also referred to as ‘chakras’. They are linearly arranged along the vertebral column. They begin from the base of your spine and move towards the crown of your head. Their names are root chakra (Muladhara), sacral chakra (Swadishthana), solar plexus chakra (Manipura), heart chakra (Anahata), throat chakra (Vishuddha), third eye (between the eyes on the forehead) chakra (Ajna) and crown chakra (Sahasrara).


Sahasrara chakra healing

A chakra is essentially something that is wheel-shaped with spokes. It is a term derived from Sanskrit. The chakra or energy centre generates life force in the form of spiral energy. This is known as kundalini energy. Every circular spiral of energy or chakra in your body is linked to a certain region and organ, helping them to function energetically. Even your attitude, behaviour and mindset are affected. When the chakras in the lower regions of the body are healthy, they ensure that your fundamental emotions and needs remain healthy too. The energy centres in the higher regions take care of your spiritual and mental needs.

Why do astrologers consider chakras so important?

Every energy centre is associated with a certain astrological planet, gemstone and colour too. For instance, planet Saturn is linked to Blue Sapphire and violet colour. While planet Venus prefers Diamond and indigo, planet Jupiter goes for Yellow Sapphire and blue. Planet Mercury is linked to Emerald and green, while planet Mars is associated with Red Coral and yellow. Planet Moon loves Pearl and orange. Planet Sun is a friend of Ruby and red colour. The powerful cosmic energies generated by these planets are transferred to your body via their respective gemstones and colours.

Now, the most important gland or master gland in your body is the pituitary gland, which is located in the brain. As you very well know, the brain is inside your head! This region (crown) is controlled by the sahasrara chakra. That means planet Saturn and Blue Sapphire are ideal for the unification of kundalini energy and cosmic energy, which takes place in this region. Therefore, when you befriend the Blue Sapphire gemstone, in alignment with your astrologer’s advice, you ensure that your mental and emotional faculties remain balanced. The gemstone uses its cosmic powers to remove the emotional blockages that prevent you from utilising your intelligence, knowledge and decision-making abilities to their maximum. Do obtain it from an authentic gemmologist like

Burma quality manic gemstone

Undeniably, regardless of expense, many women would love to have it enhance the beauty of diverse jewellery items. In contemporary times, however, this precious stone has gained greater popularity, thanks to its ability to award astrological benefits to its owner. In fact, if the governing planet of your zodiac sign is the brilliant Sun, you will achieve wonders by befriending the bewitching Ruby!

Now, it is not unheard of to find synthetic, imitation, artificial or lab-created specimens in the marketplace. They sell, because you are ignorant of how to identify best quality Ruby gemstones. Well, here are some tips with regard to the four Cs.


This is responsible for increasing or decreasing the value of this gemstone. If you desire an authentic and good-looking stone, do go for something that is vibrantly red or red with a tinge of purple in it. Obviously, they exhibit vivid colour saturation. In case, the shade inclines heavily towards purplish, pinkish or orangey, stay away! The costliest and best example is Pigeon Blood red, which resembles the blood of a freshly killed pigeon. You will understand when you Burma Manik stone, which is rare, gloriously coloured and durable.


In general, a gemmologist goes for all types of crystal cuts. These include cushions or ovals, displaying triangular or kite-shaped facets and superbly fashioned crowns. Then again, there are step-cut pavilions, which reveal concentric rows of square/rectangular facets. Whatever is the case, the cutters strive to preserve the weight of the raw material as much as possible, for the gemstone is expensive.


It is not possible to find a genuine Ruby without inclusions. However, these should be minimal in nature, not detracting from the overall beauty of the gemstone. In case, they are too visible, the gemmologist will have to work on the stone, in order to increase its brightness or transparency. The inclusions might be far-reaching fractures, needles, etc. If this is not done, the value of the stone will decrease dramatically. At the same time, care is taken to ensure that no heat/chemical treatments come into play, which might damage the physical and chemical compositions of the authentic stone. In fact, the treatments are very gentle in nature.


A superb-quality Ruby rarely goes over one carat (weight). Obviously, the price increases in proportion to the increase in the number of carats. You will discover this should you ever purchase commercial-quality Rubies, for they are available in diverse sizes. To illustrate, if you were to opt for a 5-carat Ruby gemstone as the best sale, you would have to shell out five times more money per carat. This is because it is better in weight, as well as equal in quality to a fine-quality one-carat Ruby.

Does everything sound too confusing, making you wonder how you will ever obtain the stone that you need for astrological miracles to occur? Well, there are several genuine and reliable shops in the virtual world. One such is, in whose hands you may safely leave your astrological choices!

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