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Jewelry - be it gold, diamond or gemstones of any kind immediately strikes a chord with a woman. Earlier, Jewelry mainly consisted of only the metal Gold and some precious gemstones such a diamonds.  But today modern women are spoilt for choices in a range of jewelry. Today pearls have made an indelible mark in jewelry.  Especially since the modern working woman prefers to wear a simple but elegant piece of jewelry and pearls are the best choice in this matter.

So what is a pearl? A pearl is a hard round shining object which is produced within a   living shelled mollusk.  In other words, the definition of pearls is that they are small round shining objects formed within an oyster. Though they are mostly found in white, they also come in pink, silver, cream, black colors.

The finest quality pearl is round and smooth.  Because of this, they are synonymous with words such as rare, valuable and fine. In fact, a collection of pearls is called as an elegant string of pearls when they are worn as a necklace.  They are often also referred to as a cluster of pearls or a bag of pearls.

In a nutshell, to tell all about pearls, a pearl is a substance made of nacre made by an oyster or a clam.  It takes about six months to many years to produce a pearl. Because of its popularity, the man took interest to cultivate pearls.

This is how the term “cultured pearls” came up. When man aids the process of creating a pearl then it is known as a cultured pearl. However, natural pearls are heavier, denser and more lustrous than their cultured counterparts.

Because of its growing popularity, it has also given rise to fake pearls.  These are nothing but beads that have been coated.  So how does one find out the difference between a fake and real pearl?

• Real pearls are rarely perfectly round and flawless whereas fake pearls are perfectly round and identical.

• Real pearls are made up of many layers of nacre and so are cool.   Fake pearls have a coating so they absorb heat so if they are warm to touch then it is a fake pearl.

• The tooth test is the best way.  If rubbed against the teeth, a natural pearl feels grainy whereas a fake pearl will be smooth.

Another important point to know while considering pearls is its value.  This is determined by main factors such as

1. How and where it was produced

2. The thickness of its nacre

3. The surface smoothness. 

4. The Shape

5. The color and lastly

6. The size

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Emerald is the most precious stone with the combination of the mineral beryl and some amount of chromium and rarely vanadium. Most of the emeralds gemstones are greatly included and so they are categorized as generally a weak substance. The name emerald comes from the French word ‘esmeralde’, meaning ‘green stone’. Colombia is the origin for deep green Panna but it is also mined from different locations around the world. Following Colombia, the production of emeralds is leading in Brazil and Zambia. Brazilian emeralds are well known for their excellent clarity and light yellowish green color whereas Zambian emeralds are famous for their light bluish green color which resembles that of Colombia's emeralds. On clarity indicators, emeralds are graded as ‘type III' because of its inclusions.

Identifying Best Emeralds

Most of the emeralds are distinctively included and are treated with oil to fill the tiny cracks. It is the presence of the oil which makes it easy to distinguish natural emeralds from other gemstones. One of the methods to find the best emeralds is to test for specific density and its hardness. It is harder than quartz and apatite and generally softer than other beryl such as topaz, sapphire, and spinel. With best emeralds, it is the color that determines its value. A slightly bluish green with strong saturation in a medium dark tone is the most valuable color for the emerald. Too much of a blue color can reduce the value.

Emerald Treatments

Among the other gemstones, natural Panna is more greatly included and there are numerous tiny breaking cracks. This is the reason why most of the emeralds are treated with oil or resin to improve their clarity. This method is widely accepted by traders. The oiling method is practiced by immersing emeralds in resin or cedar oil to enhance its clarity, color, and saturation. Steam cleaners and ultrasonic cleaners can easily remove the oil and make the inclusions visible in our naked eye.

Buying Best Emerald

The value of gemstone ranges from $15 per carat to $750 per carat based on their clarity, origin, color, and size of the gemstone. Cutting a gemstone can raise its value by up to 20% because during the process the wastage of stone is sustained. If the cut is exceptional with very good clarity and exceptional in color then the price ranges from $50,000 per carat. The retail price for 1.0 carat emerald in commercial ranges from $30.00 to $525.00 and if it is extra fine then it ranges from $2,900.00 to $9,800.00.

Buying Online

Buy best Emerald stones online in the Vedic Ranta online store. You can select an amazing quality from the huge verity. It is the world's leading concern to buy natural gemstone worldwide. Our team of experts will guide you to select a natural premium emerald gemstone.


Sapphire is a birthstone of September. It is actually a mineral called corundum(an aluminium oxide). It is one of the hardest minerals on the hardness scale. Its usual colour is blue. Corundum can be found in almost any colour of the rainbow. Such as pink, black, yellow, orange, white, purple, blue and clear and translucent. This gemstones in fact are similar to Rubies, but they are not red. They can be found in the ground or found in the large crystal. It is also said that Blue sapphire is a gemstone of Saturn and has strong effect on human beings. Blue sapphire in Hindi is called, ‘Neelam Gemstone’. Getting a clear, original blue sapphire is rare. These are most famous kind and Sapphires have long history.

Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire Stone:

  • It represents September, it symbolises telling the truth and doing what you said would do. Believed that only stone that bring closer to God.
  • It is symbol of religious joy.
  • Many wear this gem metaphysically for protection. It works against any sort of negative vibes, dark magic and also harmful andill-intent. And can be used during psychic or ritual workings.
  • It has been used by kings and queens long time as a symbol of luck, being wise and healthiness.
  • It is believed that sapphire is related to intuition and wisdom. Those seeking for spiritual truth, this stone is considered perfect stone. It is worn to help psychic abilities, meditation and uncovering intuitive.
  • Each sapphire is astrological approved. Sapphire also helps with psychological issues and learning. You can wear it to sharpen your mental acuity and memory retention.
  • It is believed that it brings instant success in the field of business and jobs. It can help to sharpen mental clarity, increase in alertness and focus.
  • It is also worn for healing third eye chakra and the throat. Some of them use it for crystal healing for treatment of inflammation, burns and fever. It is also used to treat skin and eye related issues.
  • People with stone Saturn are very successful, they have unique abilities in them. The western sun sign of blue sapphire is, Libra.
  • It is considered as the stone of realization, realization about humanity.
  • It is worn on middle finger.
  • Since it is considered as most powerful gemstone, some say that it has to be recommended by experienced and qualified astrologers.

Found in Places:

Places where sapphires are found abundantly or mined in Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, America and Madagascar. The most costly and beautiful sapphires are shipped form Kashmir, India.

African Blue Sapphire:

African blue sapphire stone is non-treated and non-heated. The blue sapphire is used in all forms of jewellery, like, rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. The African Sapphire which is unheated and natural are more valuable than heated one, and are considered are of good quality.


Ruby gemstone is one of the most precious gems. This traditional gem is red in color. The red color of this stone is caused due to the element called Chromium. Its quality is estimated by its cut, clarity, color, and weight of the carat. Sunrise stone is the world’s most valuable stone. Burma is the place where it is originally mined. Exceptional rubies are produced in this region. They are transparent and most of these stones are heated.

The manic gemstone is worn as a jeweler. Imperfections are common in natural Rubies such as the inclusion of a mineral called rutile needles and impurities in color. Rubies have to undergo the process of heat treatment, untreated ones grasp a large premium. Rubies are polished and shaped called cabochons to see the star-like the phenomenon of reflected or refracted light.

Genuine Ruby gemstone

Out of fake Rubies, it is hard to discover the real one. The confident method is to consult with a licensed jeweler. At home, the genuine stone is measured by its hardness and color.

Examining the stone at home

  1. The color and the gloss of rubies: Original Rubies shine with a deep and vivid red color. On the other hand, the fake ones are almost dull. The true guide to estimate a real gemstone is its ‘stoplight red’. If it is brighter than that it is likely to be fake.
  2. Scraping the surface: Original Rubies are the hard ones. Grind a coin in the exterior part of this gemstone and check if you can scratch it. If it shows a scratch, it is not a genuine because only the diamond can make a scratch in a stone.
  3. Comparing a stone to a broken piece of red glass: Glass is often used as a fake Ruby or a fake Sapphire. Since the glass and stone are similar in appearance, it’s common for dealers to use glass composite.
  4. Knowing the fake stone: Garnets, glass, tourmaline, and composite gems are commonly used as fake rubies.

Bringing Ruby gem to a jeweler

  • Consulting a reputable jeweler:  The safest way is to bring the gem to the professional to have a look. But before your visit looking at the review online will be helpful. Make sure whether others were satisfied with this person’s examination.
  • Getting an assessment: A reputed jeweler can examine and tell you the worth. And sure their estimate is likely to be correct.
  • Certifying the gem: An official certification is given by the licensed jeweler for the original ruby. And it acts as proof, so it should be kept safe.

Price Information

Prices depend on its size, color, and origin. Real ruby stone in ½ to 1-carat size ranges from $100 to $15,000 per carat. Burmese stones in ½ to 1-carat size ranges from $300 to $30000 per carat. Browsing on Vedic Ratna you can find a gem for best sale which is affordable to everyone and also top notch in quality.


Sapphires are the most precious and valuable blue gemstones. It refers to the blue variety of the mineral Corundum (a hard mineral that consists of aluminium oxide). Corundum mineral is found in different colours, used as an abrasive and as a gemstone. Among these, blue is sapphire and the red variety is sapphire. Most popular gemstone after Diamond and Rubies.

Interestingly due to the low iron content in Corundum, the yellow sapphires are formed and often called Golden Sapphire if colour intensely. This stone is considered as the stone of planet Jupiter. The Hindi name for yellow sapphire is it. It is considered as the stone with good luck and prosperity. It can be worn by any person with any zodiac sign.

Pukhraj Yellow Sapphire:

It is Hindi name for the gemstone. This has got a special place in Vedic literature. It is the best quality natural yellow sapphire which is unheated, untreated mined from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and Bangkok (Thailand). These gems are certified Astrological.

The best quality of stones originates from Brazil, due to its extraordinary features. The stones from this place are considered as the world’s best looking yellow sapphire stones. The best quality of this gemstone displays deep yellow colour and have inclusions (characteristics enclosed within a gemstone or reaching its surface from the interior). 

Benefits of wearing Pukhraj Stone:

It is associated with Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter rules over two signs of the zodiac. It has got the best Astrological benefits. In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter represents education, wisdom, wealth, happiness and knowledge. So people are encouraged to wear the yellow sapphire stoned rings. Wearing the pukhraj stones has no side effects. People with Sagittarius and Pisces as Zodiac sign prefer to wear this stone as it brings luck in their life. In western countries, it is considered as the birthstone of people born in the month of November. It has to be worn on Thursday. Men should wear it in the right hand and women can wear both in right and left.

  • It helps to lead a happy life and to enjoy good things in life.
  • People who have financial problems or stress are told to wear the pukhraj stone to get relief from the stress and fulfil their ambitions.
  • Those who suffer from property issues should wear yellow sapphire, to remove difficulties and bring prosperity to the family.
  • It also helps humans to treat gallbladder problems and stomach disorders.

To identify the best pukhraj stone:

  • compare the yellow sapphire with a piece of yellow glass. Fake sapphires are made from glass.
  • Fake sapphires have tiny bubbles, unlike the real yellow sapphires that will not have inclusions. So look for bubbles.
  • Sapphires made out of glass has lots of scratches, check for scratches.

The best price of Bangkok Yellow Sapphire is 2500 rupees per carat on online. Bangkok sapphire stones are mostly marketed in Asia. Whereas Ceylon Yellow Sapphires have demand in the worldwide market and are also affordable. Come to vedicratna and see all the amazing collection for yourself.


Pearls have attracted women for centuries. The formation of a pearl begins when foreign bodies such as a parasite or sand or any other organic material, deliberately or accidentally slip into the oyster between the mantle and the shell, the foreign substance irritates the oyster body. So to protect it from the irritant, the oyster's natural reaction is to cover up that irritant. The irritant is covered by the layer called nacre and it is deposited till the pearl is formed. It is probably considered to be a gemstone. But this is not categorized as a precious gem, because it is the combination of the mineral Aragonite and the compound Conchiolin. It come in a variety of colors including white, black, grey, red, blue and green. And they are found in nature and also in artificial ways known as pearl farming.

Several types of Pearls

  • Freshwater Pearls: These pearls are mostly formed in lakes, ponds, and rivers and these are natural pearls. It appears like the Akoya in shape and size. And those that are formed in the sea are known as saltwater pearls. Perfect round shaped its rare in freshwater pearls. Surprisingly only 2% are round in freshwater.
  • Cultured Pearls: On the other hand cultured pearls are made by pearls farming. Many of the pearls in the market are mostly cultured. This process begins when the tissue is implanted into the mollusk and it is kept in a body of water till the pearl is formed. This process can be done in both salt water and fresh water. The technician has no control over this gemstone, whether they will produce a pearl or not. Size, color, shape are not in the hands of the pearl farmer.
  • South Sea Pearl: Rarest pearls are South sea pearls because they are large in size. Created by nature and man growing them is done with careful attention and it needs much more time, approximately two to four years. Of all the cultured pearls, these pearls have the thickest nacre. These factors make the pearls valuable and expensive. Since these pearls do not prosper outside their vernacular, expanding this pearl farming have made a little success.

Elegant and stunning shapes:

The shape of the pearls is the basic factor to determine its quality and its value.

  1. Perfectly round shaped pearls are the most valuable and perfectly spherical.
  2. Semi-round looks as if they are perfectly round pearls.
  3. Baroque shaped pearls are often irregular with unique shapes.
  4. Pear and dropped shaped pearls is well known as teardrop pearls and they are commonly seen in pendants, earrings and in a necklace.
  5. Oval shaped pearls are narrower at the end. These come in the category of a symmetrical shape.

Buying the pearl online:

The pearl is evaluated based on its types, color, size, and quality. Natural pearl will be valued more than a cultured pearl. A Pearl's value range from $300 to $ 1500. Browse on Vedic Ratna and select radiant in sparkling pearl which is sure to astonish your circle.


Rubies are known for the ability to bring loads of positive energy in a person and also boosts human nature. These beauties are god given from nature to adorn ourselves. Their composite structure makes them extra ordinary and beautiful. Each and every gemstone represents one of the nine planets and Ruby represents the sun as per vedic astrology.

This gemstones plays a vital role in persons working in government offices to complete any challenging task successfully. The glory of the wearer gets enhanced tremendously. Any issues relating to the heart, bones and even eyes gets cleared by wearing the ruby. The talents and skill of the person is highlighted in a big way by wearing this wonderful gemstone ruby.

The color of Manik is bright red color. There are however other colors also available like pink, black and blue. After the hardest gem diamond, ruby has proved to be the second hardest. It has the rays that can penetrate into the human body to fight diseases that are lingering inside the body.

Various benefits of Manik gemstone

  • Say good bye to skin problems
  • Enhance your self- confidence
  • Experience the power of accurate intuition
  • Strengthen your bones

People who should wear this amazing gemstone

  • In case you have few spots on your sun and u feel powerless then wear and feel the fear going away and also see the visible glow in your skin.
  • As per your birth chart if your sun is in the second or the fourth house then you may see conflicts within the family. Wear and see such problems vanish away and have a beautiful family life thereafter.
  • Has your doctor told you that you have deficiency of vitamin D? Well, in that case please wear a ruby embedded in a copper ring and see the way it helps you with this health concern. Your eyesight becomes stronger along with the rest of your body and soul.

Things you need to consider

  • In case you feel short tempered after wearing the gemstone then you should wear it in silver.
  • To drive away laziness and depression wear the ruby in copper
  • If you feel depressive or lazy, then wear manikya in copper

Things to take care

There are lot of positive effects of ruby like increasing confidence and energy, however there are also few negative effects which one should take care about. Confidence that you feel may turn into over confidence and you may not realize it. This may cause unwanted ego problems, acidity and dryness in mouth.

People who have acidity in stomach should not wear a ruby as it may aggravate the issue. Even if you have any medical issue with your liver you need to avoid wearing it.

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A fascination for one of the most expensive gems at times even outranking Diamond in value is Emerald, a pure verdant green hue coloured gemstone. Officially only Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald were called precious stones until recently. All other gemstones were called semi-precious stones.

Since Ancient times many of these coloured stones have been associated with royalty, power, tranquillity, wealth, health, beauty, and energy. Each of these coloured stones are unique in regards to their colour tone, size, and shape.

The four Cs that influences the connoisseurship are Colour, Cutting Style and Brilliance, Clarity and Carat Weight.


Green being the primary hue, yellowish green to blue green are accepted secondary hues.


Perfectly positioned facets are considered as an Emerald cut with skill.Usually square or rectangle in design with a step cut.


Unlike diamond graded using 10x magnification, Emeralds can be graded by eye. To aggrandize the credibility all Emeralds are treated which is an accepted practice in the gemstone industry.


With size, the per carat price escalates. The stones weighing from 1mm to 5mm are about 0.02 to 0.05 carat. Popular jewellery pieces use Emeralds weighing even around 20 carats and more.


Colombia, a South American country produces 70% to 90% for the global Emerald market. Colombia being the birthplace of the finest, excellent quality Emerald stone, it is also mined from countries like Zambia, Russia, Rhodesia, Austria, Brazil, Kenya, Australia, Rajasthan, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh Tanzania and Pakistan.

Why Emerald Gemstone (PANNASTONE)?

Enthusiasts from all walks of life for decades have had a love for this worldwide in demand green gemstone for its extraordinary, exquisite, elegance leaving any onlooker spellbound.

Emeralds in earnings, pendants, rings, chains, necklaces, bangles and bracelets, watches, Decorative Hair Combs, cufflinks, and broaches speak volumes of this magnificent, lustrous gemstone.


Keeping in mind the growing fashion needs in combination with affordable price, Vedic Ratna known forts quality and business ethics contribute in a big way to the fashion jewellery industry, creating a fashion statement in our time. Creative designers have been successful in offering both personalized and customized designs in order to create a unique, perfect piece for their bespoke designs.

They  also sell exceptional range of other high quality certified precious coloured gemstones and semi-precious stones like Diamond, Ruby, Pearl, Topaz, Turquoise, Jade, Amethyst, Opel, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Tourmaline, Garnet, Red Coral, Amber, Black Jade,  Pink Opal, Rhodonite, Aquamarines and many more at a very competitive price.

Coloured gemstones are gathering speed in setting a new trend. Shopping is always enjoyable and exciting and when it’s done just at a click, then why wait! Shop online for the best and genuine blue sapphires from Vedic Ratna with ease and comfort with a superabundance of choices and options of jewellery.


The sapphire contains several corundum elements such as iron, titanium, chromium and magnesium. The harness of sapphire is nine.

Sapphire is the hardest gemstone which is third after diamond. Genuine sapphire gemstones are known for its incredible shape, color and the natural dazzle of it. Sapphire jewelry pieces look marvelous on any women because the sapphire gemstone has a clear-cut which adds even more beauty to the jewelry. They are only two corundum gemstones. One of it is the precious sapphire stone and the other one is the fierce red rubies.

The price of a sapphire differs because of its quality, shape, size and cut. This sapphire gemstone has been a part of ornamentation for both women and men for many years. The blue sapphires are very classic and timeless. Sapphires in other colors are very fancy but they cannot match with the magnanimity of blue sapphires. The blue color sapphire comes in different shades. The blue sapphire may be in deep blue or it may range to a lighter blue.

There are several treatments which are been done to enhance the clarity and color of the sapphires. Heating is a very natural process which can make the sapphires gemstones even more precious. There are also many artificial sapphires are produced but this can be easily identified by its poor quality. There are lots of jeweler options which are available for women and men with the blue sapphires. The mostly valued expensive sapphire gemstones are in dark velvety blue. A good sapphire gemstone should be very light or too dark.

Benefits of wearing Blue Sapphire Stones

There are lots of benefits when wearing the blue sapphire stones.

  • The most important element of the sapphire gemstone is the color. The extraordinary blue color of the sapphire gemstone is very pleasant to the eyes. This rare blue color can only be seen in this amazing gemstone.
  • Due to its mind-blowing clarity and also clear blue color makes the mind very clear and calm.
  • The sapphire gemstones have the natural power to make a person feel very relaxing. It can give relief from anxiety and other mental stress. The blue color of the sapphire is like the ocean which gives peace.

Different jewelry options with Blue Sapphires

There are many wonderful jewelry options available with the blue sapphire gemstone. The best place to buy blue sapphire is from online.

  • Sapphire rings are very popular both men and woman can wear a beautiful clear cut ring.
  • There are beautiful pendants available on with blue sapphire gemstone.
  • The bracelets with blue sapphire can look amazing on anyone.
  • Blue sapphire gemstone ear drop earring can look classic on any women.

The price of the blue sapphire including the amazing African blue saphire can be low or high considering its quality. Buy original and natural gem stones online from vedicratna and enjoy the benefits of the most popular blue sapphire.


The legend of Rudraksha landing on the face of this earth dates back thousands of years in time. It was when Lord Shiva could not resist his tears from falling after seeing the wretched state of the earth and its populace. His tears dropped on land to form seeds that grew into Rudraksha trees. It is for this reason that wise sages and priests believe it to have divine properties.

Ways to Identify Genuine Rudraksha

However, in the current state of affairs, the business of making fake is booming. Dupers are taking up several measures, from gluing facets of the seed with gum to joining broken pieces together to make a profit. And so, you must know the ways to identify a genuine one in order to buy original Rudraksha beads online.

  • Water Test- Rare types of Rudraksha, such as Gauri-Shankar or Trijuti are made by gluing several pieces together. You can keep the same in a glass of water for an hour. If the this is fake, it will show as the glue will come off when under water.
  • Microscope Test- Dupers often stick the 'Mukhs' or facets on a Rudraksha to increase its market value. You can easily see traces of glue if you place a Rudraksha under a microscope.
  • Common Knowledge- The one Mukhi Rudraksha is a myth and has never been found to date. Sellers and unscrupulous suppliers often take advantage of this fact and try to sell you fake One-Mukhi Rudraksha at an exorbitant price. If you are looking for a one Mukhi round Rudraksha, know that it does not exist.
  • By the Look- Some sellers sell fake beads that has 'Trishul.' 'serpent' and ' third-eye of lord Shiva' marked on them. First of all, a real Rudraksha is not polished, secondly, no genuine Rudraksha will have such marks on them.
  • ISO Certification- The best and the most sure-shot way to get a genuine bead is by buying original Rudraksha from ISO certified supplier at reasonable prices. These suppliers are available online, and they give you a real certificate along with the product. If you buy lab certified Rudraksha, there is no chance of going wrong.

The Most Effective Rudraksha

Rudrakshas are found in various places all over the world. However, the best ones are Rudraksha beads from Nepal. As this country is in the lap of the Himalayas, the original home of Lord Shiva, it undoubtedly has the best quality Rudraksha. Rudraksha hailing from Nepal are bigger in size as compared to the ones found in other places, and gives more benefits.

When and How to Wear a Rudraksha

Wearing a Rudraksha will boost your physical and mental health.  Wearing Rudraksha beads on Maha-Shivratri is the best. However, you can wear it on any Monday of Shukla Paksha as well.

You will have to do Ganesh puja and activate its inherent power before wearing it. Remember, do not touch your Rudraksha with dirty hand or exchange it with others in order to reap the most benefit out of it.

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