Prominence of gemstones is seen throughout the years and right from the ancient times strong results are being seen over the years. In just one look you will be charmed with its magnificent beauty. Mangal grah stone Red Coral Moonga gemstone represents vitality, energy and ambition. The genuine Red Corol gemstone derives from oceans and sea. According to astrology, this gemstone signifies god of war Mars. There are various beliefs to donning up this beautiful stone as it enhances confidence level and brings in several Natural Moonga gemstone benefit like:-

  1. If in daily life person is feeling lethargic then Red coral gemstone will help it cutting down this feeling and bringing in self activeness.
  2. When you buy precious Red coral gemstone from Vedic Ratna it can get you out of mental depression and can bring in self esteem to wearer.
  3. It is helps in overcoming anxiety, nervousness or fear from enemies. It will bring positive results. When you wish to know the gemstone is for which rashi then this is a birthstone for people born in March, April, October and November. Red coral gemstone can also be worn according to one’s birth chart. Even if a person is willing to have professional success in life, then gemstone is highly recommended even it will bring in immense benefits of promotion too.
  4. This gemstone even aid a lot in purifying of blood and problems like boils or acne.
  5. Moonga stone astrological uses are if person is having Manglik dosha then to keep things smooth this gemstone is recommended.
  6. If couples are facing problems in married life then to overcome obstacles using this gemstone benefits is suggested.
  7. Pertaining to professions like Army, Defense, Police, Doctors, Realty business and weapon manufacturers can gain a lot from this gemstone help.
  8. It is also recommended for people who are facing a great lot of issues in being single and not able to find a good partner.
  9. As mars are also known as the planet of fire, it helps in cutting down the black magic and will help you to keep protected for longer period of time.
  10. If there is any kind of financial trouble happening in life, then Moonga mars gemstone is known to open new doors of life and bring you to that high end positive results.

Top notch ways on How to Indentify Genuine Moonga Gemstone:-

  1. The best way to do this if you find the surface rough or having granules under the magnifying glass, then consider that this is fake gemstone. Real Red Coral Gemstone has always plain and smooth surface.
  2. Get a piece of raw turmeric and rub it on the Red coral, if it is found that the turmeric changes colors then Red coral is fake and if it remains the same consider it to be pure.


Pearls are hidden treasures of the Mother Nature. They do derive from the ocean beds and known for multiple astrological benefits. Right from the noble kings to royals to modern actors, This jewelry is timeless and classic.

According to ancient sages, Famous gemstone Pearl is associated with Planet moon. Ideally this is recommended to people who are tensed in mind, indecisiveness, depression and instability. It is usually recommended for people who get angry very often. Wearing this gemstone on regular basis will help you out to strengthen the mind.

It is also helpful to bring in harmony between husband and wife. The origin of this gemstone was from India, Venezula and Persian Gulf. The main attribute of this gemstone is that they soft in nature. Usually this gemstone is also worn for enhancing power of moon and bringing to you a very steady life. Natural Pearls at is indigenous and you can even avail them in different sizes. If you are looking to bead them in different type of jewelry then genuine pearls with cheap prices can be availed. If you are looking to wear Chandra graha stone pearl moti then it’s advised to wear it white or silver metal. 

Who can wear the Pearl?

If a wearer has a desire to get kingly comforts, bringing in good fortune, fame, respect and wealth then the pearl gemstone could be worn. In order to gain the positive benefits of pearl gemstone it is must that the wearer should respect this gemstone. One could also expect a good emotional balance if a mind is strained. Keshri Pearl online available helps in creating positive aura.

Why gain the south sea pearl online benefits?

When an observer holds south sea pearl he will be able to spot on a gentle shine and softness. It is known to bestow happiness, loyalty and energy to remain in good health to the wearer.

This gemstone has much cooling and calming effects. In addition, for women this gemstone is vital because it enhances the beauty of face and also helps in regulating menstrual cycle.

It’s also brings in fertility and helps in enhancing the digestive system of the body. Best part about them is that this pearl are most recognized ones and you may find them in multiple forms of jewelry.  This gemstone is also suggested when a man or female need domestic happiness.

There is no age criteria associated for wearing pearl gemstone; people associated with any age group could wear pearl gemstone. Pearl could be the most vital thing to wear for people associated with professions like Marine time trade, salt trade, import and export business, trading in milk. It is also ideal to wear for people who have sun sign like Libra, Scorpio, Pisces or Aries. In order to reap positive benefits of pearl gemstone the ideal weight should be around 4 to 6 carats. It is ideal to wear pearl gemstone in small finger at Monday Morning.


In world of gemology opal gemstone is the one of the most renowned gemstone. The word Opal is derived from Latin name " Opalus" that means change of shade and even from Ancient Sanskrit it derives from ancient Sanskrit Upala. Shakespeare also once told that gemstone is Queen of gems. There are many indigenous details of Opal gemstones, some of them are as follows:

  1. The stone is viable to enhance the genuine qualities of name, fame, artistic quality and to enhance sexual powers.
  2. If there any eye related issues or problems pertaining to stomach disorders then wearing this gemstone could be proven to helpful.
  3. Incase if you feel that your creativity is going dull then opal could be helpful one.
  4. This gemstone basically represents Planet Venus.
  5. As this gemstone is most sensual and if a person is in love and wants same feeling from the opposite gender then in many cases opal gemstone can work wonders.

How to wear Opal gemstone for positive benefits you should do these things:-

It is important to chant mantra " Aum Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Aum" for 108 times. It is advised till the rituals are completed keep the opal gemstone in water. It can be worn in any form of jewelry. It should be worn in Index finger on Friday. In order to gain positive benefits of the gemstone should be more than 4 carats.

Who can wear Opal Gemstone

It is ideal for people who are associated with professions like travel, tourism and Media. Generally this gemstone is recommended for people born in month of October. It also could be worn for sun sign like Tauras and Libra and it could also be worn for marital bliss and fertility.
The gemstone should be worn with any kind of white metal and Silver.

What are physical benefits associated of opal gemstone?

It enhances nervous and immune systems of the body.

What are the astrological benefits associated with opal gemstone?

Wearing opal rings can help in eradicating extreme difficulty and problem in lives. Even in the case of troubled marriage this gemstone should be worn. It helps improving the functioning of urinary systems. People involved in artistic field like dancing, music, Painting and theatre. When it comes to opal gemstone it helps build mutual understanding between couples. Opal rings also bring back love and happiness.

It could bring in negative impacts in the wearers health and life, if the genuine quality of opal gemstones are not purchased. You can trust on online opal gemstone that is available on the renowned virtual store. You also get a proper authentication for the same. The purchased product is delivered right at your door steps. Even if you are on lookout to gift someone special then Opal gemstone with any kind of metal would be ideal gift. The online stores give you complete advantage of selecting them as per the different carats and sizes.


Are you sure is somebody spying on you? Are you afraid if somebody is trying to hurt you? When something bad happens to us, our mind ponders for answers. When we got stuck in such a worst situation that we had never even think of at that moment we have these kind of thoughts in our mind but the problem is this that you don't know about that, who is this person or power or anybody who is trying to hurt you because nobody is not visible in front of you. You felt weak, out of focus and sometimes mental imbalances.

The answer to this complex question is a beautiful Cat's eye gemstones online at  can be put in to your fingers and easy to carry always. A cats eye gemstone benefits helps one to strengthen their physical weakness, mental imbalances and helps to restore memory. It protects us against serious diseases related to heart, stomach, brain and mind. It also helps to stimulate intuition and enhance awareness. It helps to provide you very effective protective energy. It also transforms negative energy to positive energy.  The best part to know about cat’s Eye gemstones is that brings better luck to wearer. If you are worried on cats eye stone which finger to wear then it should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand.

With so many benefits in a single stone that is covering you up from the evil eye which is never going to visible you from the naked eye sounds great and amazing, isn't it?

So let's discuss how it looks like. Gemstone polished into a cabochon that displays a narrow band of concentrated light going with the width of the stone. Quality Lasunia gemstone online in India is the best known for proper healing qualities. Chrysoberyl has the strongest and most distinct cat's eye effect of all gemstones.

In simple words, there are sources of cat's eye gemstone available in the market. Now how will we come to know that it's a real gemstone or not so to identify the same real cat's eye stone it contains few inclusions which appear and jiggle inside the stone and it is clearly visible with naked eyes? A real cat eye stone will possess high transparency and contain fewer inclusions and it is clearly being visible to a person when the stone is being put under the magnifier.

Lasuniya gemstones for astrology should be worn on Tuesday evening or on the Thursday evening for the best result. The normal price of one carat standard cat's eye stone is 200+ INR per carat that can suit to your pocket as well and you can wipe off all your worries, stress, and tension by wearing in your finger or keeping it in your bag or somewhere close to yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Don't you want an easy life with happiness, glory and success then just go and get it.


When Malas are used it surely enhances your focus and meditation level. The prominence level is increased when malas are to be considered. When Mantras are to be recited and counted for 108 times. Right from the ancient sages times there are various malas recommended. In order to stay focused and bring in to positive advantages, here are some malas that are as follows:-

Spatik Mala:

They are called as crystals or Quartz. Spatik Mala is being usually worn for its immense purity and power. The Spatik Mala is also known for balancing energies. The immunity power is improved and metabolism is enhanced.

Tulsi Mala:

Generally this style of mala is made from Tulsi wood. According to hindu tradition, the dharan of this mala is considered to be sacred. It is said that the Tulsi mala is the dearer to Lord Vishnu and Krishna. The prominent advantage of this Mala is that it purifies soul and mind. According to expert astrologers Tulsi Mala is also worn to enhance concentration and cutting down stress.

Chandan Mala:

This sort of mala is sure shot way of keeping your mind calm and relaxed. There is lot of physiological impacts of wearing this mala. If any person constantly complains about headache this mala should be worn. When it comes to healing properties it can certainly helps in keeping certain problems like heart related disorders, headache or right eye defect. This mala is considered to be the most special one and brings in unique will power to the wearer. After wearing this  mala good luck to you is rest assured. When it comes to bringing in zest of life and promoting restful sleep, the dharan of this mala can be done.

Rudraksh Mala:

If you feel like you are facing a problem in forgetting everything, then certainly wearing  Rudraksh Mala can be right choice. The basic core value of Rudraksh Mala is that it helps in enhancing memories. The Rudraksh Mala is known to take away all the anxiety and stress. According to the sages the Rudraksh beads are also considered to be teardrops of Lord Shiva for humanity that were fallen into ground and become seeds.

Big Rudraksh Mala:

According to Vedic texts, these beads have cosmic power that could elevate soul. It said that this big Rudraksh Mala helps in enhancing memories and stamina. Big Rudraksh Mala is also being worn by many to strengthen heart. Rudraksh Mala is also being worn to sanctify mind, body and heart. When your desire is to move towards positivity and cut down negativity, the dharan of Rudraksh will help you big time. In order to keep the beads longevity dont wash them with any kind of harsh chemicals. According to the certain levels of problems you can choose accordingly the mukhis of Rudraksh. Best way to wear right facet rudraksh is also after consulting an expert astrologer.

Only at the reputed virtual store, you get accurate information of the product and proper authentication of the same.


Gemstones are just not indentified with beauty but for its ability to bring happiness and destiny to the person who wears it. The origin of Blue Topaz gemstone is generally produced in California USA. The magical power of blue topaz is that it could bring in happiness and destiny of the person changes who wears it.

Generally this is traditional birthstone for people who are born in December, here are few thing you should know about blue topaz and here are certain advantages that are as follows:-

  1. In blue topaz you will generally find a blend of hardness, durability, beauty and affordability. Natural blue topaz has advantages of giving you and improving in good communication skills.
  2. People who are associated with the creative field especially the writers, after getting recommendations from the astrologer the Dharan of this gemstone can be done.
  3. If a person face severe throat related problems, can do Dharan of this gemstone.
  4. Due to stress, many people in this world do face the problems of anger or frustrations.
  5. The Dharan of Blue topaz can get you away with the problems of fear, anxiety issues or home sickness.
  6. Popular Blue topaz gemstones are used for having a balanced and healthy life.
  7. It is said that Blue topaz visually symbolizes longevity, life and wisdom.
  8. Wearing Blue topaz eliminates all sorts of bad omens.
  9. It is ideal to keep the digestive system in shape.
  10. It also helps in improving the metabolism. Benefits of wearing blue topaz can only be seen if the wears on daily basis.

What is astrological use of Blue Topaz?

It is recommended for people who possess sun sign for Sagittarius. In order to have positive impacts of this gemstone it should be more than three carats. Blue topaz gemstone is helpful when you wear it on Thursday morning. The dharan of the ring should only be done in the right hand. During the chants or mantras be focused as far as possible avoid any kind of negativity or false statement. In order to gain the positive impacts, the wearer must have respect for this gemstone. In order to activate this gemstone with positive aspects, keep the stone dipped minimum for 10 minutes in Gangajal. To gain the significant impact of the stone never forget to chant on the mantra “Aum Brim Brahasaptye Namah Aum”.

Incase if you wish to wash the ringer just use clean water and no detergent should be used. If it’s your wish to buy blue topaz gemstones at wholesale prices, its worthy thing only to buy from genuine online store. For every purchase you get proper certifications of the same. You can even place your Blue topaz stone and wear it in a proper gold ring.  Blue Topaz has received the name from the fire as they are colorless, the expert gemologist give it a shiny blue stone.


Before knowing particularly about the 6 Mukhi rudraksha, you might want to know about Rudraksha in general. Well, It is not a gemstone or anything. It is simply a fruit of a tree that has many spiritual benefits.  It is so powerful because it is said that the origin of Rudraksha was from The Eyes of Lord Shiva himself.

If we analyze the word Rudraksha, we ger two words, 'Rudra,' which means Shiva himself, and 'Aksa' means 'eyes.' So, the meaning of Rudraksha is the eyes of Lord Shiva.

There are 21 types of Rudraksh that we can find. However, only a few are common. The most uncommon type of Rudraksh is the one and the 21 mukhis. The 14 Mukhi Rudraksha is a very powerful one. The 6 Mukhi rudraksha is powerful as well.

The 6 Mukhi Rudraksha

The main importance of the Six Mukhi Rudraksha is that it is endowed with the warrior qualities of lord Karthikeya, who is the son of Shiva. Also, as lord Karthikeya is immensely good-looking, the wearer of the six Mukhi rudraksha gets good looks and youthful appearance after wearing it. If you wear the 6 mukhi rudraksha, you will get warriors like qualities, bravery, and the willingness to face situations. It will also ward off any laziness or tiredness that you experience on a daily basis. Wear the 6 mukhi rudraksha if you want monetary profits in your business. This particular bead will also maintain good relations with your mother.

Rules for Wearing Rudraksha 6 Mukhi Beads

There are certain rules for wearing the six mukhi rudraksha. To get the complete benefits of this Rudraksha, wear Rudraksha after performing some rituals.

The best time to wear this Rudraksha is on a Tuesday morning. You must get up before sunrise and bathe. Then you must go to the Puja room and sit by acing the east. Soak the Rudraksha in Ganga Jal and recite '' OM HEEM HOOM NAMAH'' for 108 times.  Either silk thread or wool thread can be used to wear a rudraksha. You might as well use gold or a silver case to wear it for the best results.

Best way to clean Rudraksha

It is a fragile fruit. So, you must be very careful with it while you are cleaning. The best way to clean Rudraksha is by soaking it in a bowl of lukewarm water. Then after picking it up, clean it softly with plastic bristles. Do not scrub it roughly. Otherwise, it might crack and lose all its magical power. You can also soak the Rudraksha in milk and then soak it in water and clean it with a cloth. Light some incense stick, and then after chanting the Mantra of Lord Shiva, you can put it on again.


Gomed stone is the gemstone of Rahu. It is usually light to deep brown in colour. It is generally said to be the colour of a cow’s urine or even honey. This stone is actually a variant of the garnet. It is also popularly known as Hessonite garnet stone.

Effectiveness of Hessonite stone:

The uses of Hessonite stone are ample in number. It is used widely for astrological benefits. Not only that, it is also used for the benefit of physical, mental and social problems. It is also used as jewellery. Since,  this stone looks beautiful due to its vibrant colour range, therefore many people offers to wear it as a jewel for style and beautification. This stone is also very useful for the people having Aquarius zodiac sign.

Who can wear Hessonite stone under each zodiac signs?

Hessonite gemstone should be worn according to the following zodiac signs:-

  1. Aries- People under this zodiac sign can wear Hessonite but only when the Rahu exists in the 2nd, 3rd and 10th house of the birth chart.
  2. Taurus- In Taurus, one should wear Hessonite only if the Rahu is in the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 10th house, for achieving success.
  3. Gemini- Geminis can wear stone anytime as Rahu and Mercury always share a positive relation with each other. Therefore, this stone is extremely beneficial for them.
  4. Cancer- It does not prove beneficial for a cancer individual. However, a Cancerian can wear Gomed only during the major period of Rahu, only after seeking advice from an astrologer.
  5. Leo- Since Rahu is the enemy of the Leo ascendant Sun; therefore, it is advisable that you wear Gomed only after a three-day trial or avoid it at all.
  6. Virgo- If Rahu is placed in the 1st,5th,6th or 10th house of your birth chart, then you can wear this gemstone after a three-day trial.
  7. Libra- Libras posted with Rahu on the 1st, 6th or 10th house should wear it.
  8. Scorpio- It is not at all auspicious for Scorpions, hence they must avoid wearing one.
  9. Sagittarius- People of this zodiac can wear Gomed only after consulting an astrologer.
  10. Capricorn- Rahu is an auspicious and beneficial planet for these ascendants. Therefore, Capricorn individuals can wear Gomed confidently.
  11. Aquarius- Aquarians of 4th, 5th, 9th or 11th house can wear Gomed stone.
  12. Pisces- Pieces natives should avoid wearing this stone.

Benefits of Hessonite stone:

Natural Hessonite stone have many benefits. Some of which are- it neutralizes the ill effects of Rahu, it increases focus and concentration. The stone benefits those in politics, army etc. It also relieves you from mental and health problems.

How to wear Gomed stone for side effects?

To overcome side effects one can, wear Gomed stone in the middle finger of their right hand, in a silver studded ring.

Where to buy Gomed stone from?

Buy Hessonite gemstone at best price from online. Here you can avail genuine Hessonite stones easily at great prices and discounts.


The red coral gemstone is a bright red colour stone with a slight white tinge in it. This stone is a naturally matte and opaque gemstone. It is commonly known as moonga stone in the astrological world. It is the gemstone of Mars or Mangal as per the Indian Vedic Astrology. Always consider natural red coral for buying.

Who should wear Moonga?

Often, It is asked that who should wear moonga stone. To which, the answer is discussed below according to different zodiac signs: -

  1. Aries- People with Aries zodiac sign should always wear red coral gemstone because Mars is the ruler in their birth chart. Wearing a moonga stone is very much astrologically beneficial for them.
  2. Taurus- In Taurus, one can wear Moonga only during the period of mahadasha. But it is advisable to consult an astrologer if any ill effects arise.
  3. Gemini- Mars is not an auspicious planet for Geminis. Therefore, you must avoid wearing this gemstone as far as possible.
  4. Cancer- A Cancer individual can wear a Moonga if their Mars is placed on the 5th or 10th house in the birth chart. But you should consult an astrologer before wearing it.
  5. Leo- Using a red coral for Leos can be a boon and extremely beneficial, because Mars is the lord of the 4th and the 9th house respectively.
  6. Virgo- For Virgo ascendants, Mars is the most malefic planet and hence, it must be avoided by them in any case. Using a red coral will have an adverse effect in life and result in bad health and bring obstacles in life.
  7. Libra- Libras should also avoid red coral, since their ruling planet is Venus and Mars and Venus are enemies. Therefore, red coral can bring adverse impacts on life if worn by them.
  8. Scorpio- The gemstone is highly auspicious and beneficial for them, as just like Aries, Scorpio is also ruled by Mars. Therefore, they can wear moonga stone throughout their life.
  9. Sagittarius- Since, Mars rules over the 5th and the 12th house, therefore Mars is somehow auspicious to these people. So, people of these houses can wear a Moonga.
  10. Capricorn- One should not wear a Moonga if he is a Capricorn ascendant native. As, it is not at all beneficial for them; hence, it is better to avoid this gemstone.
  11. Aquarius- It is not much auspicious stone for them to use. However, you can use it after consulting an astrologer only when there is a major period of Mars.
  12. Pisces- Pisces ascendant natives can wear red coral as it is highly favourable and beneficial for them since, Mars is the lord of the 2nd and the 9th house.

What are the benefits of red coral?

It is highly beneficial for the people suffering from Mangal Dosha. The benefit of the Moonga stone lies in the negation of harmful impacts, evil forces and also boosting the energy to sustain vitality and ambition. It also works wonders in marriages.

Which shape of Moonga is best for Mangliks?

The triangular shaped red coral gemstone is proves to be auspicious and highly beneficial for the people suffering from Manglik Dosh or Mangal Dosha. Wearing this stone will reduce obstacles and remove all Doshas and will bring vitality and happiness in life.


It is a precious yellow color naturally occurring gemstone that represents the positive power of the planet Jupiter. It is often believed by many that gemstone is ruled by the largest and the strongest planet in the solar system, Jupiter. It is also widely known as Pushparagam and Pukhraj. It is said to bring prosperity to anyone and everyone who wears it. Therefore, it is one of the most beneficial and popular gemstones among the Navaratnas. It is also known as one of the safest gemstones among all as Jupiter is the most beneficial planet in our solar system.

Usage of yellow sapphire

It is mostly used for the astrological benefits of Pukhraj Gemstone. It is also used to fulfil the purpose of health, marriage and prosperity. Because of its perfect amalgamation of sunset yellow and the blue tinge of lotus flower, it is also considered as a great choice of jewellery, be it a necklace or a finger ring.Also, sapphires are popularly known for their extreme hardness next to diamond, therefore they are used today for a wide range of industrial purposes like lasers, electronic watches, solid state electronic devices etc.

Benefits of yellow sapphire

Pukhraj Gemstone stone benefits the wearer in a number of ways, which are as follows

  • It is regarded as the best gemstone for all who wish to have a prosperous and successful academic career.
  • Yellow sapphire gives good health, honour and fame, longevity, wisdom, property, and prosperity.
  • It also protects one from all the evil powers and spirits.
  • It removes the delay in the way of the marriage for a female individual and also brings happiness and bliss in a conjugal life of a couple.
  • By wearing a Pukhraj Gemstone, you can also remove obstacles and correct imbalance is relationships.
  • It is attracts wealth and brings prosperity to the family.
  • People who want to fulfil their ambition and who aspire for political and administrative positions should wear yellow sapphire.
  • It benefits your mental and emotional health by relieving your stress and keeping your mental balance.
  • Sapphires also cure respiratory ailments, treat digestion problems and also support good skin health.

Precautions of yellow sapphire

There are no such precautions to be remembered and maintained, but try to consult an astrologer before wearing it. Wear it with a good metal and avoid wearing a damaged sapphire stone.

Price of yellow sapphire

Ceylon Pukhraj Gemstone price in India ranges from 12000 to 20000 per carat. Therefore, we can say that an original sapphire is mostly priced on a higher side. So, buy Pukhraj Gemstone online and reliable stores in order to get best quality and genuine product.

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