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Gemstones have a significant importance in our lives ever since the human civilization before the Vedic times. At that time, the people discovered how these gemstones had the power to change one’s life and destiny for the good and improve their life with abundance of prosperity, wealth and health. These auspicious stones are highly powerful in influencing the malefic effects in one’s kundali/horoscope and benefit the wearer with maximum of good health and wealth. The benefits and uses of each gemstone is different depending upon the zodiac sign as per the birth chart. You can also take an astrologer’s help in reading your birth chart before you buy a gemstone to enhance your life and guide you towards success and happiness. By following the right directions as mentioned below each of the respective product page to use as per your zodiac sign, you can derive immense benefits and see how your life changes with inflow of money and prosperity in your life.

Hence to improve lives of people around us, we offer the most authentic and original gemstone and yantra for the benefit of our clients and to help them raise and improve their overall life and living. We have introduced the online platform of offering you a wide range of original gemstones which comes along with a certificate of quality analysis and also you can check these gems are original as we also provide the certificate of lab testing to our customers for their reference. This is very important since you should be aware of what you are buying is original.



we have been the pioneers in the gemstone industry and which is why we are more experienced and are well versed with the gemstone and it's uses

since we are direct wholesalers, the gemstones are sourced only from reliable and authorized gemstone vendors only along with that we also produce the certificate of analysis of each and every gemstone you buy

We also take bulk and large export orders and also ship to individual customers using the postal service for faster delivery. For more information about our international orders and export orders you can also refer this (Internation order Page Link)

The price quotient is the third benefit when you buy from us. Because we are direct wholesalers and which is why we sell at the most minimum prices so that you can save a lot of money and do not end up paying outrageous prices. You can buy at the best price from us and also pay the right price. We also offer discounts for purchase above Rs 10000 (approx $200) so that you save more when you buy more.

Our office is located at Mumbai and our address is mentioned on the contact us page. We stock our merchandise at Mumbai office and for buyers who reside within or around Mumbai and wish to visit our office can visit us on Saturdays between 10am to 7pm and check the gemstones by yourselves before buying or you can buy directly from our warehouse.

You can call us on the given contact numbers in case if you need more details on the gemstones we are selling or any other queries we have our expertise team to give you all kinds of information for your perusal

We only sell original gemstones, all our dealings are transparent, legitimate and trustworthy.

We trade gemstones not just for the sake of business but we also aim for the welfare of humanity to offer them precious stones to enhance their lives and find solutions through their troubles and problems

We have more than 80% of returning customers who have been benefited a lot by our gemstones where they have been benefited in terms of career, wealth, prosperity, vastu and health.

Since you are buying the stones online, we have given in depth details of each and every gemstone, its form, its uses, its type, weight, size, its benefits, how to wear them so that you can buy and start using them independently and gain the benefits of their powers.

With the purity we sell, we have our customers sending their references and also calling us to tell us how their life has been immensely benefited wearing gemstones.

The pictures posted on our website are the gemstones that we are selling and which is what you would be receiving.

We also take phone orders from our customers. They can dial our contact no provided on our contact us page and place an order over the phone. Our phone order option is available from morning 10am to 7pm on week days and weekends except on Sundays.

For payment options, we not only take credit/ debit cards, you can also directly drop in into our office/warehouse to collect the gemstones and you can also directly pay us cash. We also have an option where you can also do NEFT/bank transfer/ Money order and get the gemstone couriered to your place.

When you are buying online all the credit card/ debit card information is strictly kept private and confidential which is prevented from hacking or unscrupulous misuse. Hence to serve the purpose the website has been integrated with secure socket layer page (SSL) where we would not be having any access to your credit or debit card information.

Along with astrological benefits these gemstones have medical healing properties as well which is why they stand out to be the best natural healing solutions to a number of health troubles. Those with malefic planets in their horoscope, the gemstones have helped mellow down the harmful effects of malefic planets in their horoscope and given positive direction to lead a good life and move towards success.

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High end Advantages of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone!
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Astrology Gemstones

Gowri Rajasekaran, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

In the beginning when someone suggested me an astrology gemstone, i never showed any kind of interest. But i had to forcefully wear Neelam(blue sapphire) gemstone because of my mom. To my surprise I noticed some strange changes in my daily routine; i started feeling more positive and energetic than ever before. From then my faith in astrology gemstone has increased manifold. I will rate 10/10 when it comes to the quality.

Zodiac gemstones

Narendra RajPurohit, Chittaurgarh, Rajasthan

I was suffering huge business losses in the year 2012, It was back then when my wife brought me a gold ring of emerald, I still remember her saying that the Pukhraj stone (yellow sapphire) matched my zodiac sign and it was my zodiac gemstone. The result is we not only have overcome losses today but have also made exponential growth. has given me real natural stone and also guided me how can i wear it.

Certified Gemstones

Dhruti Makwana, Amreli, Gujarat.

I was already wearing pukhraj (yellow sapphire) but did not see any significant effects. One day on the occasion of Dusshera my aunt gifted me a ring with yellow sapphire, she said it was a certified gemstones and will definitely bring positive effects. I replaced my older ring with the new certified gemstones and to my wonder i could see the positive effects with these certified gemstones. Since then my concentration has become sharp. Thanks to this certified gemstones.

Natural gemstones

Archana Sawant, Pune, Maharashtra

I already had some core interest for natural gemstones for their beautiful looks. I bought a ruby (manik) to witness the beauty of this natural gemstones. But what came as bonus was the effect of this natural gemstone. My studies improved considerably after wearing this stone. I am now excited about other natural gemstones and their positive effects.

Birthstone gems

Mehul Rawariya, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

I was always a lucky chap throughout my life, always achieved all that i desired and never had anything such as bad incidents. I remember how lucky i was when i was very miraculously saved from a very dangerous accident. I narrated the whole scene to my mom, she replied that it was the Cats eye my birthstone that i wore, that protected me, I laughed at this and ignored it, but when i started closely monitoring my life's daily incident with relevance to my birthstone, i could see it functioning and decided never to remove this stone for the rest of my life.

Precious & Semi Precious gemstones.

Konkona Chatterjee, Ranaghat, WestBengal

I belong to a reputed astrologer family. From generations our family is into astrology. From what i have heard from my senior family members, they have always believed in the mystic powers of precious gemstones and semi precious gemstones in avoiding misfortunes and creating fortunes. Each of our family members wear a precious gemstone according to their zodiac signs and it has always worked for each one us.